Personal opinions on video playback in the whole region of sibaide and guide on playing with Zone B ISO

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I. the whole area officially promoted by sbaide (or planda) Blu-ray hard drive machine: it actually refers to the whole area after the genuine zone code is cracked. the genuine broadcast only corresponds to Zone A or the whole area, the genuine versions of B and C cannot be played now !! To put it bluntly, it is the unique feature of the dashboard.
There is no Blu-ray machine in the world that can eat all the genuine code (note that it is genuine), and Sony can stop it. At first, the Huawei record version of the test firmware can be broadcast throughout the region. After the official launch, the firmware will be changed to Zone C immediately. Sony will be monitored all the time !!
Because the blue light after the cracking does not have a code issue, we have seen several BD that cannot be played due to the Code. These are all due to incomplete anydvd cracking at the time of rip, we can use the latest version of anydvdhd to try again.

Ii. About truehd:
I have also tested several multi-segment ts of truehd audio tracks, and there is indeed a problem of intermittent sound. There are two solutions:
1. Merge multi-segment ts into a single TS
2. Wait for the firmware upgrade from the manufacturer.

Iii. Playback of multiple primary videos (m2ts) with truehd audio tracks on the original BD drive:
After testing the original version of spider 2, there must be intermittent sound problems. Current solution:

1. tsmuxer re-generates a single m2ts Blu-ray Directory, which can be used to watch movies.
The bdinfo file is loaded into the original disk bdmv directory to find the MPLS file corresponding to the main film, and then loaded into the corresponding MPLS file using tsmuxer,
Generate An unsplit single m2ts Blu-ray directory, and there is no sound problem after the test
2. Wait for the manufacturer's firmware update to fix this problem.

Iv. Method for re-removing the partition code from Zone B ISO (or bdmv disc)

First download and install the following tools

1, imgburn address
This is for the bdmv disc package. First, it is restored to ISO. It turns out that it is ISO!

Download(46.34 KB)

2, virtualclonedrive

Best Blu-ray ISO virtual Optical Drive Software

3, anydvdhd latest perfect registration Edition


Download(33.44 KB)

After you use imgburn to restore and generate an ISO file, use the virtual optical drive to load the file. In the displayed dialog box, select area B. Anydvd will automatically crack the code,
Use tmt3 to play the video, because some certificates may need to be downloaded online.
(If you find that you need to download the certificate, you must copy the two directories in the virtual optical drive to another place on the hard disk, and then play it again with tmt3, in order to keep the downloaded certificate !)
After the test is normal, copy the final two folders back to the video directory on the mobile hard disk to facilitate playing on the Blu-ray machine.

4. The udf2.5 plug-in XP must be installed. Otherwise, you do not need to install Vista in the ISO file of the virtual Optical Drive.

Installation Method: Right-click INF, install and restart.
Udf.reader.v2.5.windowsxp.rar(36.76 KB)

Downloads: 402009-6-3

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