Personal summary At the end of 2006 (as if it were written two days before the new year)

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A rare weekend free, a person, soak a cup of coffee, open Backstreet Boys music, looking at the "programmer" magazine 06.
See the technology year-end inventory, book year-end inventory, programmers year-end inventory.
I began to think, recalling the past year, 2006 what it brings to me, happiness, bitterness, progress, or stagnation.

Emotional chapter:
(Confidential document)
Work article:
2006, the year-end summary report was submitted long ago, which is just some cliché perfunctory.
Here, just write a blog, while recalling the past year, hope to be able to sum up some lessons, to 2007 years of study work a little reference.
At school, due to busy coping with a variety of exams, their own is also more lazy, there is no static under the heart of the study of a technology, graduation design is also selected a strong theoretical topic, plagiarism perfunctory.
2005, the successful passage of the written examination, interview, to obtain the University of Computer science graduate students at (at their own expense). But in a variety of reasons, finally gave up. Then took part in the work.
Just to work, everything is fresh, fresh environment, unfamiliar colleagues. At that time although work hard, but every day can learn a lot of knowledge, fill their own blank. Therefore has the joy, the work enthusiasm is very high, close to insomnia. 2005, the year was very fruitful, from an ignorant of actual development, to gradually start getting started. From encountering problems, to gradually can do their own investigation, with a certain ability to solve problems.
At that time, a lot of people are saying that there was nothing to learn in school, the university is almost white, but I do not support this view.
No more than 4 years of university, where the logical thinking ability, space imagination ability; Not 4 years university, can understand data structure, compiling principle, operating system and so on a series of basic knowledge.
Or, without basic knowledge, can work as well as can be developed.
Yes, can work, but at best only to be a migrant workers, and eventually become a skilled migrant workers, until the end of the month, but nothing, with infinite regret and sad, left this has struggled countless days and nights of the post. Endure the pain of being squeezed dry, the relentless abandonment and betrayal. All this, should not be alarmist.
Above seems to say some digression, since is a blog, that also no matter the format, think of where said where.
2006 seems to be repeating what was done last year.
At the beginning of the year, a project maintenance, this project maintenance phase, environment configuration, Linux commands, and so on are harvested.
March was involved in a small project, because did not go into a few days, so there is no harm to the mind.

What really kept me warm and willing was the project I began to enter in May, the one that lasted until today.
The beginning of this project, in line with the attitude of always treat the new things, I continue to learn, continuous efforts. In the attitude towards the work, I seriously do my own job;
Overtime, no regrets, enjoy the joy of creation.
But, gradually, a long time, I began to get tired of, endless changes, no limit of bugs.
Every day is such a repetition, do not see hope. Because there is no hope.
In the face of a group of rookie write the very poor quality of the program.
All we have to do is to ctrl+c,ctrl+v the rubbish, or add an if to the original defective program ... Finally, in our common efforts, garbage more rubbish.
Gradually, my mind began to become rigid, without thinking, even more without innovation.

So I started to bubble forum.
The first bubble forum, thought almost collapsed, work 1.5, I have learned what ah.
Seeing many self-proclaimed rookie friends, raised the question, my heart began to fear.
Jsp. Ajax? Javascript? Struts. Oracle java.. net? Xml?
JSP, in addition to modify a layout, the use of a few tags, but also what.
Struts, knowing that it was a framwork, had seen the source code.
Database, in addition to select,update,delete. What else do you know?
Refer to the programming language, Java.
In 2 years, the understanding of Java is only to stay on the basis of Ifelse,while,for,switch,return, the appropriate time can also copy a API.
There is no introduction to object-oriented thinking. The basic concept is specious, abstract class. Interface. Reflection. Polymorphism. Packaging.
For the model, it is more than a warp. It is said that the pattern is popular in 23 kinds. Each mode, typical code how to write.
Java is profound, we ignorant people, insult him.

Swing Applet. Multithreading. Jni.
The more terrible as the basis of the base of the C language is basically forgotten.
Usually do not pay attention to accumulation, to the end of the year, bought this < programmer >2006, unexpectedly found soa,ror,web2.0, after relational database, have become a new noun.

At this moment, I really feel the pressure. If we continue to live such a muddle, 3 years later, 5 years later, I will go.
It seems to me that there is something wrong with the naming of this article, and it seems that it should be replaced by "What can we do when the passion and will of the work are gone?"
Of course, the company hired us, is to create value, since it is work, nature will be responsible for the company, otherwise it is no professional ethics.

But at this stage, it's all a big deviation from what I expected.
I began to think, what should I do?
PostScript: Write this article, do not have the meaning of complaining. I don't like nothing to complain about.
The problem must be in itself.
Natural selection, survival of the fittest.
How to deal with the contradictions between study and work, need to think about.

For the time being, the only thing you can do is to continue to be a happy code laborer. After all the years.

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