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Outside the chain of each site are doing, but some people outside the chain can top a piece of heaven and earth, some people's outside the chain is basically enough to maintain the site's external chain update needs, to the site can not bring rankings and weights. At the beginning of the chain, we often just repeat the duplication of sticky things, but this is basically unable to get a good weight, do a period of time we will find that the chain is not a simple copy sticky paste, need to find appropriate methods, need to have a strategy, a planned implementation. A high-quality external chain includes 4 points: weight, relevance, universality, stability. In other words, the weight of the Web site is high, the content of the chain and the relationship between the site is high; the way out of the chain should be varied, wide, and the outer chain of the hair should be stable; The chain of these characteristics is a high quality outside the chain. Want to have a good ranking, outside the chain construction is the key factor, especially high-quality outside the chain.

One of my friends took over a station, due to the characteristics of the industry, the station article is difficult to write, it is difficult to have readability, no way, he can only rely on the outside chain to improve the weight of the site, Soft Wen, friends of the chain platform, classification information, blogs, forums, comments, micro-blog, encyclopedia, sprocket chain, such as the way no need to find a high weight site to send, two , keyword home All in the first page, two first. So the chain can also top up a day, the important thing is the method, is the strategy. So what are the quality of the chain is higher? I took the friend site to analyze the next chain, found the following kinds of outside the chain is in front of the line.

First, friendship links

Understandable, friendship links belong to the import of the highest weight in the chain, nothing can not be no friendship links, good links to the site can be weighted weight, but also to provide access to spiders, so that the search engine more included in the content of our site. The downside is that other sites are down the right, may be implicated in your site, the same led to the right to drop. So change links to pay special attention to what this side I will not say, have been written hundreds of times, the overall is the number of not more than 50, do not and be Baidu down the right of the site exchange, to often check the link has been exchanged. Here the emphasis: the number of friends chain is a formula applied, is based on the weight of the site to judge.

Also in the friend chain platform to upload their own site exchange information, but also a good outside the chain, the weight is very high.

Second, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu Bar

These three Baidu own products, the weight must be high, but the audit is very strict, especially Baidu Encyclopedia audit, strict heinous, because Baidu Encyclopedia is a kind of encyclopedia, facing the public, the request to upload the information objective, comprehensive, accurate, rigorous, do this method, preferably based on Baidu Wikipedia has uploaded a competitor encyclopedia as a template, Then put their information into, do not look for what Taobao, Sina to imitate, they submitted a very long time, that is Baidu Encyclopedia certainly do not need any audit, links can only be placed in the final extension of reading inside or reference materials inside. Finally, Baidu Encyclopedia of the account level is easier to pass the audit.

Baidu know that the content with the Web site is basically no, 90% will need to audit, and here's the audit is the pit Dad's not allowed. It is possible to have a Web address on the title, but it is generally not very relevant, and the people who browse it are estimated less. Basically the link is put in the answer place, oneself get a trumpet to answer own question, here answer also has a skill, the website is best to add www baidu com in front, for example baike,baidu,com/www,****,com, so easier to pass.

Baidu Bar This did not how to get over, but have heard friends said the chain effect is very good, the basic method is to build a post bar, in which to send some of their own site content, and then add a link to the reply.

Third, Soft Wen

The effect of soft wen, did not do people will not know, high-quality soft text to bring the volume of browsing and reprint is very large, the site or personal awareness of the promotion is a good way. Soft article is divided into Enterprise product promotion category soft Wen and personal technical experience type Soft Wen, general in A5,seowhy, Stationmaster's home and so on high weight, Gao man flow of website release, and these three stations more authoritative, original more. The soft text is very readable, can give the reader useful information, so after the article add a link, others want to reprint, can also take away, so write a piece of soft wen, is tantamount to doing dozens of outside the chain, and the chain of the site or different sites, this and you in the same forum hair dozens of outside the chain effect is completely different, That is, the universality of the chain is well interpreted.

Also can spend money in Sina, NetEase or local big website to send a piece of soft wen, play the advertisement effect is also quite astonishing.

Four, sprocket

Sprocket and station group is not much difference, but concealment is better than station group, is not easy to find, now search engine for sprocket has no special control methods, and sprocket centralized transmission of the weight is very high, more important is sustained development, the longer the time, the higher the weight of transmission, so said sprocket is a good outside the chain strategy. But the sprocket's shortcoming is also very obvious, the operation is more troublesome, the time is longer, compares the test person's patience.

V. Join the station Group

Speaking of this, the unnatural will think of "left-carnitine", just rise, the direct long-term occupation of Baidu's first 2 pages, really enough cattle. Then slowly Baidu hair, station group is not so easy to survive, too obvious very easy to die, but as long as not found, such as the external chain way to get the weight is also ultra-high, you can decide a site ranking. Station group and Sprocket, but also a lot of subsites accumulate weights, and then through the strategy of the weight to guide the main website, technical live. Effect just said, very good, bad also have, as long as was found, the right to drop is inevitable.

VI. Website Classification Catalogue

That is to submit some DMOZ class site navigation, submitted up, the weight is very high, home page and pagination can be submitted, the successful submission is also conducive to the site included. However, this kind of site audit more than a long time, to have the patience, preferably every three months to submit once, do not too frequent, will be identified cheating, leading to the right to fall. The content to be submitted is also true.

The above six methods, do well can be left and right to the ranking of the site, there are many other outside the chain way, way forums, blogs, bookmarks, questions and answers, comments, sprocket, drift bottle, Micro bo, SNS, Youdao quick stickers, all kinds of encyclopedia, Baidu Library, Sina dictionary, etc., this is what I know some of the outside chain method, But the effect of no more than six kinds of effect, if there are other ways is high-quality outside the chain, we can leave a message, I will pay attention to a period of time of the reply, to exchange, to seek education. This article by Schindler SEO published in Fuzhou printing, reprint please keep the connection!

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