Personal web sites have the potential to invest in "gamblers."

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In yesterday's "2006 Chinese Webmaster Forum and the second Chinese webmaster Conference", compared with more than 200 personal web site representatives, only a few venture capital institutions (hereinafter said: "VC) representatives of much concern." Even if the host announced by the VC representatives on the draw, the following applause are exceptionally large.

Because these capitalists can determine the number of earnings for these personal sites. At the meeting, the famous venture capitalist partners, the partner of the forest pillars of "personal website quite investment potential" of the position, so that "stationmaster" is very excited. More crucially, Lin pillars of the position of the big background is ——— "3 billion of dollars in venture capital will enter China this year."

IDG Group visits Investment target

The famous venture capitalist IDG has launched a formidable lineup: the partner Forest Pillar, the partner has been to the macro, the vice President Zhang, the vice president Michael Mao and the investment manager Chen Hongwu and so on six people together. A smile from the CEO who is close to IDG, "All that can come is here."

The Shanghai Securities newspaper learned that in the day before the meeting, the early arrival of IDG has convened its selected twenty or thirty personal websites, one after the "6VS1" dialogue.

According to an invited personal webmaster revealed that about half an hour of dialogue around their respective websites, the main form is the question of VCs, personal webmaster answers, the problem includes the site traffic and other basic conditions, user situation, site characteristics, prospects and so on. As for the follow-up development of the talks, we have to wait until the IDG back to study and further contact.

At yesterday's meeting, Lin pillars of the statement may be the conclusion of this dialogue IDG: "IDG through this meeting, contact with more than 30 personal websites, many of which have investment potential, IDG will also select a part of further investment issues to communicate." Lin also deliberately stressed: "IDG is at home to support the most early personal site of the venture capital, because this is the Internet industry the most vitality and innovative spirit of a group."

It's in "gamblers."

As with the surging capital, each individual site has its own characteristics and potential to sprout, which has increased the cost of choice and decision-making for the limited human venture capital, thus deriving the form of collective communication such as "stationmaster assembly".

For this helplessness, Zhang to the Shanghai Securities newspaper, said, sometimes to a certain extent, is in the "gamblers", first understand people to understand the project, first of all, this person or team in the industry in the evaluation and recognition. In fact, the list of invited conversations was recommended by an industry-wide network of IDG-related partners.

Zhang also stressed that, despite a lot of contact, the real investment decisions will be very cautious. In addition to the preliminary investigation, venture capital will also pass the contract terms and other mechanisms to avoid investment risk.

An animation design class personal website Stationmaster says, his personal web site, which is entirely out of interest, has not had a strong commercial value and has not yet worked out a real business plan, but IDG is eyeing the future of the site in the 3G era, and it is also paving the way for potential opportunities for cooperation. .

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