Personal webmaster and Baidu's love and hate feelings worry

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Some days ago on the internet and see "anti-Baidu" alliance, including in the A5 Forum also appeared anti-Baidu voice. Now on the road of business trip, nothing to write down this article. I set foot in the net to earn more than half a year, nothing advanced see the first, also shallow about the personal webmaster to Baidu's love and hate feelings, express their views.

  Why talk about "anti"?

Anti-Baidu, I think nothing but is by Baidu "unfair" treatment, or the site was K, or the site included rankings not ideal, and so on. Hence the "anti-" meaning was produced. In fact, for the network, Baidu is nothing more than a platform, the platform has accumulated a lot of users, ordinary users use this platform because of free, convenient, to meet their needs, and personal webmaster than ordinary users more like the platform of the "free" businessman, operating on this platform of their own three-acre, And you want to do well to obey the rules of the game. When you can't change anything, just get used to it. Or you do not profane in this, at any time can leave, no one to retain, this is not bound and what restrictions, all freedom, how to talk about "reverse".

The interests drive everything!

From the point of view of interests, the "anti" should be Baidu to destroy his existing model of interest or not to bring him the expected benefits. Then I would like to ask Baidu destroyed the interests of who gave you? did not achieve expectations, such as no Baidu where is the expectation? Moreover, Baidu is ultimately for their own interests to serve, this is its principle, is the platform of Baidu, so the rules of this platform is undoubtedly conducive to this principle, of course, this inside it needs to consider its users, including personal webmaster, because these are the basis of the existence of Baidu. Therefore, I think the rules of Baidu is relatively fair, the world does not have absolutely fair things, the network how to talk about fairness, the Internet today's interests drive everything, no interest rules meaningless.

  The user is king, completes oneself

Whether to engage in industry or do the internet industry, I think "user-King" is the same rule, who caught the user, who has the final say. Last year's 3Q competition, is undoubtedly to take the user as a gun. So I would like to say that the reasonable use of Baidu can bring more users, create more value. The premise is to run their own fields, do their own, form their own fortress, one day, whether you abandoned Baidu, or Baidu abandoned you, or the world have abandoned Baidu, then someone will not abandon you.

The last thing to say is that the use of a good platform, or sad or happy is not necessary, if the day we do ourselves, we will succeed.

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