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1. There are 40 questions below, 4 of which can be selected. Do not discuss them with others.
2. If you have no idea, think about what you are in the eyes of your friends. If you are still not sure, think about what it is like when you have no school or social impact when you are a child.
3. Finally, count the number of C, M, S and P, for example: 18C 12 m 5S 5 p


Question (40 ):

  • 1. C: Make up your mind for new things.
    P: easy to integrate into any environment.
    S: vivid expressions and multiple gestures.
    M: accurately understand the logical relationship between all details.

    2. M: takes over new things only after an event is completed.
    S: Fun and humorous.
    C: use logic and facts to convince people.
    P: Remain calm in any conflict.

    3. P: It is easy to accept others' opinions and do not stick to what we already see.
    M: willing to give up personal opinions for the benefit of others.
    S: I think it is fun to get along with people, and there is no challenge or business opportunity.
    C: I am determined to do things in my own way.

    4. M: Caring for others' feelings and needs
    P: controls your own emotions and seldom reveals them.
    C: Think of everything as a competition and always have a strong desire to win.
    S: be convinced by your personal charm or character.

    5. S: refreshing and exciting.
    M: Honest and respectful to people.
    P: self-disciplined emotions and enthusiasm.
    C: responds quickly to any situation.

    6. P: easy to accept in any situation and environment.
    M: very concerned about people around you.
    C: strong independence, wit, and judgment based on your own abilities.
    S: dynamic and excited.

    7. M: Make a detailed plan beforehand and work according to the plan.
    P: Don't be annoyed by delay, calm and tolerant.
    C: I believe that I have the ability to turn to security.
    S: use charm or encourage others to participate.

    8. C: self-confidence and seldom hesitate.
    S: Do not like preplans, or be restrained by plans.
    M: both life and work are based on the schedule and do not like interference.
    P: Quiet, difficult to start.

    9. M: systematically and methodically arrange things.
    P: I am willing to change. I will soon coordinate with others.
    C: speak without reservation.
    S: confidence that everything will improve.

    10. P: Not active conversations, often passive respondents.
    M: reliable, loyal, and stable.
    S: Show your sense of humor from time to time. Everything can be a shocking story.
    C: The attacker, others do not dare to fight.

    11. C: dare to take risks and make up your mind to do well.
    S: bring joy to others, make people like each other, and get along easily.
    P: Be patient.
    M: The work is orderly and the memory is fresh.

    12. S: Always Have a pleasant spirit and promote happiness to the surroundings.
    P: the mood is stable and the response is always predictable.
    M: especially fond of academics and art.
    C: self-recognition of personal abilities and success.

    13. M: Imagine how to measure things based on perfection.
    C: self-sufficiency and self-support, without the help of others.
    P: Never say or do anything that causes dissatisfaction or opposition from others
    S: encourage others to participate in games.

    14. S: expresses your own emotions and preferences in an out-of-the-box manner.
    C: ability to quickly make judgments and conclusions.
    P: the direct humor is almost ironic.
    M: serious, profound, not superficial conversations or preferences.

    15. P: avoid conflicts, and usually center and reconcile different meanings.
    M: I love and agree with the artistic nature of music, not just for performances.
    C: idle, hard-working, and leaders followed by others.
    S: You prefer to join the banquet and make friends.

    16. M: Understanding, remembering special days, not helping others.
    C: Do not give up without reaching the goal.
    S: Keep talking, talking, laughing, and entertaining people around you.
    P: It is easy to accept others' ideas and methods, and unwilling to be different from others.

    17. P: willing to hear what others want to say.
    M: loyal to ideals, work, and friends.
    C: a natural leader who does not trust others' abilities like himself.
    S: full of vigor and energy.

    18. P: Meet your own needs and seldom envy others.
    C: require leadership and others to follow.
    M: use charts and numbers to organize and solve problems.
    S: attractive, enviable, and important.

    19. M: There is a high standard for people and everything is in order.
    P: easy to get along with, easy to talk, easy to bring people closer.
    C: keep working and don't want to take a rest.
    S: The Soul character at the party, a popular guest.

    20. S: a dynamic and angry character.
    C: fearless, not afraid of adventure.
    P: Always keep your own behaviors in line with the same ethics.
    M: stable. Take the intermediate route.

    21. P: very few expressions or emotions are displayed on the face.
    M: Avoid others' attention.
    S: Good performance, flashy, loud voice.
    C: I like command control, sometimes a little arrogant.

    22. S: self-willed and unordered life.
    C: It's hard to get excited. I often feel happy.
    P: It is difficult to understand others' problems and troubles.
    M: It is easy to forgive or forget the harm that others do to themselves, and easy to envy.

    23. S: resist or hesitate to accept other people's methods. The hold has been fixed.
    P: unwilling to participate, especially when things are complicated.
    M: The actual or imaginary offense is often put in mind.
    C: I have repeatedly told the same thing or story. I forget that I have already repeated the story many times and I am always talking to the topic.

    24. P: I often feel worried, anxious, and sad.
    M: insist on trivial things and pay attention to details.
    S: Do not want to remember boring things due to lack of self-discipline.
    C: I am blunt. I don't mind making my opinion straight.

    25. S: An endless stream of speakers. They are not good listeners and do not pay attention to others' speeches.
    C: It is unbearable to wait for others.
    P: It's hard to make up your mind.
    M: worried and self-confident.

    26. C: It is difficult to express your feelings in public in words or physically.
    P: not interested and unwilling to intervene in group activities or other people's lives.
    M: rejected thousands of miles away due to strong demand for perfection.
    S: Sometimes excited, sometimes low, and promises are always hard to fulfill.

    27. P: it is not easy to participate because it is delayed.
    M: The standard is too high to be satisfied.
    S: do not follow the method.
    C: Stick to your own opinions.

    28. M: Although looking forward to good results, we often see the disadvantages of things first.
    C: high self-evaluation. I think I am the best candidate.
    S: Allow others (including children) to do what they like to favor others and make others like themselves.
    P: Intermediate character, with no high or low emotions, rarely revealing feelings.

    29. P: you do not like to set a target, nor do you want to set a target.
    M: It is easy to feel alienated, often insecure or worried that others do not like to get along with themselves.
    C: It is easy to quarrel with people and always feel that you are correct.
    S: A child-like mood, excited, and forgotten immediately afterwards.

    30, P: Don't care, pass and pass, to remain unchanged should begin.
    C: self-confidence, perseverance, but often inappropriate.
    M: Usually the opposite of things, with few positive attitudes.
    S: children are simple and do not like to understand the meaning of life.

    31. M: I feel that it takes a lot of time to be alone.
    C: continuous work in order to reward or sense of accomplishment, shame on rest.
    S: It needs the applause, laughter, and acceptance of the audience, like performing artist.
    P: always uncertain, anxious, and upset.

    32. P: Retreat in case of difficulties.
    M: I am offended when I am misunderstood.
    C: You can express yourself in an offensive or indecisive manner.
    S: It's hard to control yourself, it's not a good audience.

    33. P: Everything is uncertain, and there is no confidence in it.
    C: Impulsive Control of things or others, and command of others.
    M: in many cases, the mood is low.
    S: lack of organizational order ability.

    34. S: Focus on your thoughts and live in your own world.
    M: Indifferent to most things.
    P: Do not accept others' attitudes, opinions, and ways of doing things.
    C: Good changes, conflicts with each other, and the emotions and actions are not logical.

    35. S: Life is unordered and often cannot be found.
    M: The mood is not high, it is easy to low when not appreciated.
    P: speak in a whisper, not clear.
    C: Be smart, influence things, and benefit yourself.

    36. P: Action thoughts are relatively slow, and they are usually lazy.
    M: It is hard to trust others and find out the true motives behind the language.
    C: I am determined to act according to my own wishes and cannot be persuaded.
    S: focus on attracting people.

    37. S: the voice and laughter have always shocked the audience.
    C: Do not hesitate to express your correctness or control capabilities.
    P: estimate the amount of energy consumed by each task.
    M: It takes a lot of time to be alone.

    38. C: It is easy to get impatient and angry when others cannot meet their own requirements.
    P: Everything starts slowly and requires a boost.
    M: I doubt everything and do not trust others.
    S: unable to concentrate or concentrate.

    39. P: unwilling, struggling, unwilling to participate or invest.
    S: impatient, without thinking, and rashly acting.
    C: I love new things and do not like doing the same thing for a long time.

    40. P: to avoid conflicts, I 'd rather give up my position.
    M: constantly measuring and judging, and often considering putting forward the opposite opinions.
    C: savvy. There is always a way to achieve the goal.
    S: the attention of a child is short, and various changes are required.

The result is as follows:

  • 1. personality can be divided into dominant and hidden personalities, Implicit Personality is the nature, while explicit personality is the table. We call it a mask of life because of education, family environment, and social environment. Almost all results after the test are explicit.
    2. There is no good or bad character. The key is how to improve emotional intelligence.
    3. No one is a unilateral character. Almost every person is a combination of four personalities. You are unique.
    4. Changing personality: who you get along with and what environment you are in determines your character changes.
    5. No one wants to make a mistake, but when he makes a mistake, he does not know that he is making a mistake. He learns to set a mirror and reflect on himself.

    C: outgoing Force TypeFactors (for example, 30C 6 m 2 P 2 S)
    S: outgoing and livelyFactors (e.g. 18 s 10C 10 m 2 p)
    M: emotional introvert analysis TypeFactors (e.g. 25 M 7C 7 S 1 P)
    P: introverted and peaceful BehaviorFactors (e.g. 28 p 6 M 6 S 0 p)

    CM. MC. SP. ps complementary : (cm or PS, there are more than two types)
    CS. SC export-oriented free combination: (CS is the most, obviously more than the other two)
    MP. PM introverted free combination: (the maximum number of MP types is exceeded the other two)
    MS. SM emotional conflict type: (Sm can be more obvious than the other two types)
    CP. PC behavior conflict type: (CP is the most obvious, more than the other two)
    CSM (one of the three types is the most, and the other is the smallest): hybrid character
    the four types of CSMP are the same
    1) p type does not know how to choose
    2) m-type Analysis strives to average
    3) research content, forgetting that this is a test
    4) personality defect, and even dare not choose

    stress-type C Personality Factors
    mantra: Absolutely 100% I will tell you yes ------
    representative figures: many military strategists
    life significance: Live for the purpose
    features: Advantages and disadvantages are the same, as obvious
    A. adventurous and disruptive
    B. competitive, not afraid of adversity, and more frustrated
    C. Strong-willed, witty, quickly find a solution in a complex environment
    D Self-Reliance
    E bluntly
    F forced
    G bold
    H decisive and independent
    I actors
    J leader
    K producer
    L brave
    M influence
    1) "No error" (MS) cannot be mistaken
    2) Forced workaholic
    3) putting too much pressure on yourself and the people around you to achieve your goals
    4) overly strong controls, human rights democracy, and arrogance
    5) personnel relationships are tense, and they are the underachievers in dealing with interpersonal relationships
    get along with C:
    1. admit that they are born leaders.
    2. two-way communication with them and adherence to principles
    3. They do not intentionally or verbally hurt people
    4. Do not offend them
    5. Do not debate with them
    BR> 6. Division of responsibility scope
    suggestions for C: do not stay nervous. Otherwise, it is easy to suffer from cardiovascular and brain diseases.

    lively s personality factors
    mantra: Great! I'm so happy! Angry! -------
    meaning of life: Happiness
    features: As much as what you do
    1. Lively, storyteller expert, cheerful, enthusiastic, loud, fat
    2. promoter, social networking, and stage life
    3. vigor and sharpness, all decisions come from emotions
    4. Smile, personality is often revealed.
    5. Many friends
    1. Chaos and no rules
    2. changeable, no follow-up, superficial Work
    3. Poor persistence
    4. Self-centerism
    5. Poor memory, forget Things
    6. Often late
    get along with S:
    1. Praise is the spiritual food of S.
    2. Help s set goals and track every step of the process.
    3. S is half-width. Sometimes, do not interrupt other people's conversations
    4. Do not let s make a commitment beyond their capabilities
    5. Give them a small gift
    6. Often try impromptu games

    Personality Factors of analytical m
    Mantra: in case it doesn't work-I know it won't work ------
    Representatives: great artists
    Meaning of life: Dedication
    1. Analytical, willing to sacrifice, talented, and demanding a psychological phenomenon of willingness to take pains for others
    2. Persistent loyalty
    3. Sensitive and detailed
    4. Planning and well-organized
    5. Deep, introverted, and emotional
    6. Musical, normative, and easy to be touched
    1. contradictions, self-confidence + self-esteem + self-assessment
    2. Always look at the problem from the negative.
    3. Easy to delay and frequent delays
    4. Good face, high standards
    Get along with each other:
    1. sincerely praise m
    2. Learn to guide them out of the low tide
    3. They need to be alone, quiet time
    4. They like cleaning.
    5. Become a perfect slave to things.

    Personality Factors of Heping P
    Mantra: casual
    Representative: Many educators and leaders who run for peace.
    The meaning of life; a plain and comfortable life
    1. Inclusiveness and adaptability
    2. Dull, onlookers
    3. Calm and shy expressions
    4. No Lack of friends
    5. Strong memory and excellent imitators
    6. Good-hearted, rarely revealing, and compassionate
    1. Refuse to change
    2. Strong inertia
    3. casually and not easily reject others
    Get along with each other:
    1. Do not put mistakes on them.
    2. Help them set their goals and gradually get them involved. They need to push and let them return.
    3. encourage them to take responsibility. Once they take responsibility, it will be done.

    ======================== compare ==========================
    suggestion: let the force-type people calm down and let the lively people plan. Make analyticdb (perfect) people happy, and inspire people with peace.
    in terms of speech:
    S: blurt out. The sound is loud. Let's talk about the story first.
    C: almost all the words are related to and irrelevant to the target. I don't want to say a word.
    M: I want to talk about it first, so be careful.
    P: few people talk about it on any occasion.
    in terms of Friends:
    S: A lot of friends, almost all familiar, but few friends
    M: few friends, all are friends
    C: the only person who can live without friends, and has only goals in life
    P: no lack of friends, a listener
    in dealing with errors:
    S: Mistakes are often recognized, but not corrected.
    C: Verbal recognition is not correct, but a private correction is made.
    M: In a low tide
    P: right or wrong. It's not a final decision. It's the passive and the target.

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