Phantom Blue 5 How to use fingerprint identification? Phantom Blue 5 Fingerprint Identification Setup Tutorial

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Recently, the charm of the family released the charm of the Blue 5 of the entire new generation of the Blue series, still positioning thousand machine market, still equipped with Mback key, support the positive home key fingerprint identification and Mback key touch return function. In addition, the charm Blue 5 not only support fingerprint unlock, but also support micro-letter and Alipay fingerprint payment, from now on can be farewell wallet. So, the Phantom Blue 5 fingerprint identification how to set? If you are the first use of the blue mobile phone, and how to set the fingerprint identification is not very familiar with the words, the following small series to bring you the charm Blue 5 fingerprint identification set up a tutorial, I believe that will help.

Phantom Blue 5 Fingerprint Identification Setup Tutorial

With the popularity of mobile payments, fingerprints have become just needed, the charm of the Blue 5 retain Mtouch, while supporting micro-letter and Alipay two main mainstream payment methods. Say no more, the following is the Phantom Blue 5 fingerprint recognition setup steps:

First, open the charm Blue 5 "settings" can be on the desktop or the top of the Drop-down menu, quickly find, click Open, as shown in the following figure.

Two. After entering the setup interface, pull down to find the fingerprint and security settings, then continue to click into the "Fingerprint and security"->"fingerprint Management", and then follow the prompts to add fingerprints. The first Charm Blue 5 fingerprint function, need to set up a "lock screen password", after completion is exactly the fingerprint entry add interface.

Three. Phantom Blue 5 can record 5 groups of fingerprints, support different fingers, can also be different people, such as family fingerprints can be entered. Fingerprint entry is very simple, according to the prompts to continue to press the finger can be completed, as shown in the picture.

Four. Fingerprint identification set up, you can also open the function of demand, such as open fingerprint unlock, fingerprint payment, or the management has entered a good fingerprint or add, delete and other operations, as shown in the picture.

The above is the Phantom Blue 5 Fingerprint Identification Setup tutorial, fingerprint recognition function is the charm Blue 5 main bright spot function, for fingerprint recognition function development, FlyMe has always been partial to the practical, may realize the function mainly includes unlocks the screen, pays the treasure payment, locks for the application, through the fingerprint enters the document lock area. As long as the user opens the fingerprint recognition function, can use many fingerprint based application scene. The charm Blue 5 fingerprint recognition success rate is very high, but needs the user to enter the fingerprint the time to enter the finger edge position more.

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