Philosophy three Ultimate problems

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Materialism three Ultimate Question
1. How to better understand the world of the universe, and solve the problem about the universe.  
2. How to better understand human society and solve human problems.  
3. How to better understand the life of oneself, and solve the problem of life.   
idealism three Ultimate question 
1 who am I? 
2 where I come from. 
3 Where do I go

after the three can also be said to be the life of the three ultimate problems,
There are other similar questions, look at the parable of the three questions
of Tolstoy's little fable, saying that there is a king every day thinking about three of the most ultimate philosophical questions: in this world:
1 What people are most important.
2 What matters most.
3 What is the most important time to do things.
on these three questions, the Minister of the DPRK, no one can answer.
he's depressed. Then one day, out of the Incognito, went to a very remote place, lodging to a strange old man's home.
half the night, he was awakened by a loud noise, found a man covered with blood into the old people's home.
The man said, I was chased by someone in the back. The old man said, "then you will avoid me here." They hid him.
The king was too frightened to sleep, and saw his pursuers coming at a moment. The pursuers asked the old man, did not see a person running over. The old man said, do not know, I have no other family.
then the pursuers went away, and the man who was hunted said something of gratitude and went away. The old man closed the door and went on sleeping. The
next day the king asked the old man, "Why do you dare to keep that person?" You're not afraid to get killed. And you just let him go, why don't you ask him who he is. The old man
said lightly to him, "in this world:
1 Most important people--the people who need your help right now."
2 The most important thing-is to do it at once.
3 The most important time-the moment-is not delayed.
The king suddenly realized that his three long puzzled philosophical questions were solved.

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