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The mood at school always feels like a big bell sinking at the bottom of the water, buzzing with a blank sound. When I felt that I could not hold down at school, I happened to encounter the arrival of the Tomb Sweeping Day. Although there are still a lot of things I haven't done, let's put it first. The raindrops of the Ching Ming Festival just wash the moldy heart. You may feel the breath of the ancient city in Phoenix and keep saying you want to go, this opportunity has finally arrived, so we should do everything in any case. So I had a few friends, and then quietly got on the road. Sitting in the front row of the car, I quietly felt some of the surprises brought by the scenery along the way. The sun outside the window is very good, and it has been very good in Wuhan for the past few days, but it has never been quietly out in the sunshine for such a long time. It is also a spring, and a cycle. The shadows in winter have disappeared without a trace, but the warmth of sunshine left for me in winter is still there, so it was very leisurely and comfortable to lean on the chair, but looked at the road. Close your eyes and never look at the fleeting scenery outside. It looks so beautiful, but if it really makes you live there for the rest of your life, you will not be happy, because we are modern people. When I see it, it disappears, and then I miss it. When I miss it, I feel sad and impatient. How tired is this series of emotional chains. The songs in mp3 are still left in winter and have never been updated. The first River flow in you should have been with you for a long time. This time, you have to accompany yourself all the way. Well, it's good, happy is, things are, people are not, but fortunately, the heart is not old. The ten-hour drive was not completed until midnight, and the tourists in the car began to stir up. The more you look forward to, the more you are disappointed with, so close your eyes with peace of mind. Someone calls you here. In the evening, the car was congested in the ravine, and it was stuffy and hot. There were countless buses in front of the car with lights on, occupying the whole mountain road like a snake. The mood is also blocked. This originally silent mountain road is now noisy. Get out of the bus and find a place where you can stand and run out. Many of the vehicles in front of the bus finally don't have to wait. They have to make their way back and prepare to come back tomorrow. Our car did not return. After waiting for five hours, we finally got on the road. It seems that sometimes it is really good to be able to withstand the consumption of talent, who consumes who, haha. Like a wolf who has been hungry for a few days, the car is like a prey-Phoenix. Sitting in the first row, I felt a free F1 racing car, even over five passenger cars, and still in Winding twists and turns, on the dark mountain road, can not help but want to kneel to the Wuhan master .. As the ancient city is getting closer and closer to itself, I feel a little excited. After arriving, it was two o'clock in the morning. The ancient city is still brilliant. Somehow, the first time I saw the ancient city, the first time I saw the river, I was already disappointed. I can't tell why, maybe not as much as I thought. What about the long-awaited slate? What about the long-awaited quiet mountain? None. Instead, they were bars and barbecues, which showed me the shadows of Bayi Road and guangba Road. Hungry, so I put down my luggage and asked for a bowl of powder from my powder store. At three o'clock in the morning, I suddenly missed some exciting feeling. So I found a beer and drank it happily. Today is July 22, April 2... When I woke up, it was eight o'clock in the morning, and the tour guide was waiting for a long time in the hall. When people arrived, they drove to the Grand Canyon. It's nothing more than mountains, mountains, water, and water. I don't want to grow up because these things can make me feel ecstatic, but now I have almost no feeling... Cliff, rock cave, waterfall, treasure bridge, walk once, tired once, hurt for a while, the body has done enough exercise, but still feel not so easy, try to find a way to stimulate yourself, and take the opportunity to let some feeling sneak away at this gap. When I watched my spring brother go into the water, I took off my so and put myself under the waterfall. It's cool, it's cool, it's cool... The tour guide said that Phoenix is a sad city. After returning from the Grand Canyon, we visited the ancient city again. This made me feel disappointed. Complicated, complicated, or complicated... Guang Gu and Donghu lived together, so they had Phoenix, but the child wore beautiful and gorgeous clothes. But this time I did not really look at the building... Clothes can be taken and viewed, But I want to find something I can't find through photos. I want to give this ancient city another chance through boating, but the ship owner is not there. Maybe I went to a bar to buy wine... Couples are everywhere. What attracts so many people in this city? It seems like hype, at least in my opinion. It's really not that good. Now I understand it .. The last day. We came to Miao Zhai with our tour guide. I really regret that it was so late that I came to the mountain. It would be easy to stay here for one night. There is also the little girl who sells the bull's head (of course not the one in my photo), so the point is, standing there honestly, it is simply unable to block that pure, simple nature, the first time I feel that Miao Min is so simple. But this trip is coming to an end, and tomorrow's class will end. After all, this kind of Mountain family day cannot always belong to me. Tomorrow's day is worth cherishing, it is worth your own sadness. I patted myself on the dust and told myself not to miss me any more. There is nothing worth remembering, because it is not as beautiful as you think. The bustling and noisy of Phoenix is not suitable for you or yourself. Only by cherishing your own things is worth cherishing. New life start, no s, because life has never been more than one... The trip is just dying, with feelings coming, and the cloud is ready. Security.

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