Photo Change background

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Original film:

1. Paint Bucket tool, click the Paint Bucket button, the foreground color Select white, then click on the red background.

2. Open the picture into the channel panel, select the channel on the background of the photo, copy and adjust the color scale to ensure black and white

3 go back to the layers panel new layer, execute menu-image-Apply image command to get a black and white layer

4 Select a white background with a magic wand and add a layer mask

5 front view white, apply a soft brush to the hair and the edge of the garment (black if required)


Information on magic Wand

Open PS, find the Magic wand in the toolbar, and then the Magic Wand pair box appears. appear as a piece

1: After the magic wand has no size, there is only one tolerance value, the larger the number, the probability of a similar color being selected is also high.

2: The 4 icons behind the Magic wand, the first one is only a target. The second one can be stacked without a segment. The third one is to constantly reduce the selected target. The fourth one is cross-selected with the selection!

How to handle the red background when the red bottom photo is blue?

On the character layer, remove the color from the hair with the sponge tool and soften it with the softening tool at the edge.

Photo Change background

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