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Let's give you a detailed analysis of ten simple and easy-to-use photo processing techniques for photoshop software users.
01. When there is an image associated with the content, there is 94% more reading than the image not associated with the content.
02. By combining images and information, it makes it easier to remember. (Only 10% of the pure voice information can be remembered in three days, while 65% of the combined video and audio information can be remembered in three days .)
03. Video content accounts for 40% of the market share on social media.
Images play an important role in design. The more attractive your project is, the more effective your work will be. However, your users are exposed to countless works every day. How to stand out from many works has become a very important factor.
Whether taking photos by yourself or downloading photos on a free photography website, you can use some tips through some simple settings, you can achieve a very good post-photography effect.
The main features are as follows: cropping, blur effect, saturation, comparison, brightness, filter function, grid finishing, frame adjustment, layer effect, text
The details start from the following.
01. Cropping: emphasize the composition and focus


Cropping is the simplest image processing method. Crop unnecessary places, improve the diagram and layout, and emphasize the conspicuous places and focus (English: Focal Point.
When you cut off most of the image area, you can try to enlarge the image size as much as possible. The quality and resolution of the cropped image are reduced, especially when the cropped area is enlarged. Therefore, pixels are very important.
In addition, when you crop an image, it is better if you have a three-part cut method (English: Rule of Thirds. The main point of this technology is to split the image with two vertical lines and two horizontal lines, just like writing the Chinese word "well. In this way, we can get four intersections and put the most important points in the design on one of their four focal points, which is a very balanced and stable method of composition.


02. Fuzzy? Anti? Highlight the background image


Sometimes, as a design specialty, you need to highlight the image. Even though this is true, it does not need to be noticed all the time.
Because it is an image, you can design a visual design with a huge space and charm as the background. However, it is difficult to read the text in detail in the photo because of the overlapping text. This problem is also very easy to happen.
The solution is that the background image can be processed with a smooth blur effect (English: Blurring. By adding a few lights to maintain the original shape and scene, a background image with a blur effect is added.
If you want a more dramatic blur effect, a soft watercolor painting can also be used as a design goal to try to add the blur effect. Background, simple shape, color scheme, and image details are not lost. If you want to make a special design, this is also a good method.
Together with the instance, let's take a closer look at the blur effect. This article titled "10 practical design techniques that make good use of fuzzy effects" can be used as a reference. Then, you can use the Canva tool to blur the image.
1. Click to add an image to be blurred.
2. In the pop-up menu, select Filter.
3. Click Advanced Options in the lower left corner to open the setting screen.
4. You can use the last and third buttons to adjust the blur effect. Drag to the right to increase the blur effect, and move to the left to add the sharpening effect to the image.
5. The effect is added. By clicking the outside of the regulator, you can see the effect before editing the image.


In addition, you can easily adjust the image by using the Canva filter menu. The preset settings do not require complex processing. Especially free use is the most exciting thing.


03. Saturation: emphasize or ignore strong colors


Saturation is used to affect the intensity of the color. The higher the Saturation, the more pure and clearer the color. If the Saturation is reduced, the color is gray and deep.
This technology is worth noting when processing photos. If the saturation is too high, it will become very strange and unnatural. Even if you want to handle a very special effect, you need to be very careful when dealing with the saturation problem.
04. Comparison: used to emphasize highlights and shadows


To make a photo more popular and generate a story, it is a good way to adjust its contrast.
By increasing the contrast, the bright area will become brighter, and the dark area will become darker, so that some details in daily life can be better displayed to make the picture three-dimensional. On the contrary, by reducing the contrast, the image is more flat and tends to be a single tone.
When you use the technology to adjust the [saturation] introduced in the previous section, we need to pay attention to the contrast. The highlighted part becomes too bright, the shadow part becomes too dark, and the details and attention of the photo will crash.
05. Brightness: emphasize the overall brightness


Lighting effects, even a professional photographer, it is very difficult to set them properly.
It is very important to take good lighting effects from the very beginning to take a group of very good photos. For some dark photos, we have to manually modify their brightness, to improve the effect of the photo.
When you adjust the brightness, the overall brightness/darkness of this photo is changing, and the idea will be in your mind from the very beginning. Pay attention to each step, increase a little bit, and adjust the contrast together to make the overall picture more horizontal.
06. Filter function: Highlight and align photos


Instagram or other photo processing tools, the filter function is a very famous technology in photo processing. Not only can you add artistic effects, but you can also use them to fix small problems in photos.
For example, in the above sample, the pictures are yellow and we need to make the color more balanced. Then, use the Canva Nordic filter function to select the yellow range, adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation, and finally achieve this effect. (The settings are listed below .)


07. Sorting: try to emphasize the layout with a grid.


A clear and organized layout is important no matter what projects are designed. When you do not know where to start, it is always a safe and omnipotent method to sort and align the associated elements through the grid at any time. In addition, the grid can also organize the complex numbers of images into a single graph, which is very convenient.
With the online free tool Canva, we can choose a lot of great grid la s to use. By using the following options, you can easily create a good page by placing the photos in the preset layout.
1. Select Layouts from the left-side menu bar and select a grid template you like.
2. Apply the displayed grid to your design. Select Elements from the main menu and click Grids.
3. If you do not want to fill the entire grid with images, you can select the Elements button in the main menu and set Frames options.
08. Border: emphasize the shape and style of the photo


In real life, when a photo is decorated with walls, you can design a photo frame to focus people's attention on the photo. This is a commonly used technology since ancient times. The border design can be very simple, very gorgeous, or use illustrations, or add colors, you can design a style and atmosphere that suits your mood according to your preferences.
This technology is also applied in Canva. There are various styles and styles of borders for you to choose from. Crop a specific image. It can be a simple circle or square, or a complicated and gorgeous border, which can be easily completed on a computer or mobile phone.
09. Layer function: use filter lens/cover? Anti? Are you sure you want to quit? /Div>


When overlapping text on a photo, you sometimes have to be attracted by the following picture. In addition to using the previously mentioned blur function, there is also a technology that can keep the photos clear and make people clearly read the text.
The two well-known methods are filters/masking effects after overlapping layers. Add a transparent layer between the image layer and the text layer. To emphasize the text on the layer, you only need to adjust the opacity of the layer.
By applying the blur effect, although the overlapping texts can be easier to read, the photos are hidden. In some design projects, it is also important to adjust the opacity while making the background visible.
It can also overlap two or more clips to achieve a more unique combination by adjusting the opacity of the photo itself.
10. Text: Use overlapping text to force Image calling


Photos and texts are the basic elements of graphic design. By combining them, we can deliver better visual communication effects. Configure the associated text on the image. (Or, you can choose to become a topic .)
In photo editing, it is very suitable to add text to the sky or water.
Images for social media, business-type business cards, ad design, or blog background images, and the images you choose are the most suitable. This is the key to successful design.
Use the several techniques introduced this time to process the photos as you like.
All right, the above information is the ten simple and easy-to-use photo processing techniques provided by the small Editor to users of photoshop, you can see that the user Xiao Bian here believes that the user is very clear now. I hope that the tips provided above will help you.

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