Photoshop 7 Brushes Full Introduction (2)--The use of dot brush

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Strategy 1-Draw a good design to customize the pattern. Select Edit/define brushes Note that there is no path to display, otherwise the option to define the brush is grayed out. PS7 fixes bugs in PS6, and you can customize the brushes with any shape selections. Of course, there is no scope to choose from, but to ensure that there are objects that need to be customized, the screen has no other color objects, white and transparent can not customize the brush.

2-Select the brush editor, or adjust the size and spacing first. Actually did not have to first adjust which, first adjusts a approximate, one will adjust the other options, may return adjusts the detail.

3-To adjust "dynamic shape" is a random change in the size of the brush element. You can use the minimum diameter to control the minimum size of the brush element. The larger the number, the smaller the change.

4-Select "Scatter", this is the application of point-like brush. Adjust scatter and quantity. Quantity can also be in the previous "Brush tip shape" in the brush "spacing" in the control, adjust the next try it:

5-In the adjustment, the canvas to try more, always satisfied. But this time the color of the painting is more monotonous, the total change before the scenery is also inconvenient. If you want more color changes, look at the fifth step. 5-Select "Dynamic Color" to adjust its hue/saturation/brightness appropriately. If you need more color changes, make the numbers bigger.

6-This is a blind thing, the dot brush is a great help in drawing some repetitive elements. Very good dongdong, we do not think first to know all the parameters in the brush, first pick will be used, unknowingly all understand. Many other parameters are for the digital board, with the mouse is not feel out.

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