Photoshop adds a transparent honey color to the exterior beauty

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The author is very good color, the first in the lab mode of the characters in the rosy, and then use the calculation and so on to get the highlight of the selection, and the highlights of the light, and then with the appropriate background, so that the skin will be a lot of transparent.


 Final effect

1, adjust the screen level. Too bright will lose the details of the light, the contrast is too large and easy to cause color overflow. Here, using the Curve tool, the curve tool flexibility is very high, in the promotion of the dark layer at the same time can be very good to retain the level of light.

2, the picture color mode into lab, in this mode again using the Curve tool for a channel and B channel adjustment, pay attention to control the adjustment value not too large, because the lab gamut width than RGB, too much adjustment will make the picture back to RGB color overflow.

3, in the lab color mode adjustment should pay attention to reduce the red, magenta and cyan saturation, to avoid serious bias, as shown in the following figure. OK and then go to RGB mode, at which point the advantage of the optional Color tool for specific color processing is fully exploited.

4, in order to enhance the skin bright white sense of permeability, here, we need to do a bit of gray-scale processing. Use the calculation tool to calculate the gray section of the screen, as shown in the picture, and in the new layer in the selection of parts white, as shown in the figure.

5, change the new fill layer of the layer blending mode for soft light, properly reduce the opacity of the layer, so as to avoid the loss of the light level, as shown in the figure.

6, the character's lip color is more deep, for the screen current tone is somewhat inappropriate, here, we can use the hue/saturation tool to adjust it, as shown in the figure.

After the character processing, do not forget the background, background tones can be contrasting skin color, so that the screen more harmonious permeability.

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