Photoshop adjusts the color of the 19 secret trick

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1. Curve. The King of color adjustment, powerful and changeable, but in practice, the curve is not the first choice. What is the preferred thing? The preferred thing is the following levels.

2. Color bands. Pulling three sliders is enough to solve most of the problems, but the affinity is far above the curve. For example, the curve is marshal, so the color bands are pioneers.

3. Hue, saturation and color balance, and third place.

4. Try not to use the "image Adjustment-Change" menu. This menu is not quantifiable and cannot be masked, and is reserved for apprentices.

5. Do not use the image adjustment-Brightness and contrast menu until you have a last resort. The brightness here often brings Bai, and the contrast is often unbalanced.

6. If you want to do something with the "image Adjustment-Lightness" menu, then you're dead. Remember: Here is the adjustment of color rather than coloring, the brightness here is 100% of the dog excrement index, Chengzhi Bull, never to ignore it!

7. To sum up, a color adjustment problem if there is a solution, then with curves, levels, hue, saturation and color balance of these five means, it will be solvable, and we strongly recommend that, in addition to these five means, do not use any other means.

8. Unless a very simple adjustment, all adjustments should be done on the adjustment layer (variable mask). There are at least four advantages to doing this:

A, color adjustment of each step is irreversible, the use of adjustment layer, so that the reverse process is possible, the historical record is far from the same.

b, the more time-consuming color adjustment, the larger the image loss, the use of adjustment layer, completely avoid this malady.

C, the operator can pass the layer switch, each one to compare the role of each mask, which for the lessons learned has irreplaceable important role.

D, adjust the layer can be simple reproduce or copy, this for group into a series of color adjustment is extremely convenient, you as long as careful to do a piece on it, the rest, all dots.

9. In essence, the variable mask is actually a kind of channel, and is a relatively advanced one of the channels, in addition, generally do not have to establish any special channels or in a single channel to do any special adjustments. In fact, the colors that God arranges are not isolated (more specifically, I would like to use a medical term to say that the colors are compensatory between each other), individual adjustments often to the contrary.

10. Saturation is not necessary, but must be used with caution. A fair complexion is essentially a very low complexion of saturation, but it cannot be forgotten that the complexion of death is also the complexion of a very low degree of saturation. and saturated through the low, easy to lead to screen plate, in order to "white" and sacrificed the level of the screen, for the design of the big taboo.

11. The eye must not be on the bright, an interesting fact is that the bright eyes are not * to improve the brightness made, on the contrary, by reducing the brightness made. You should improve the contrast.

12. But the contrast and saturation also need to be used with caution. One experience is: the contrast is too high, the eyes are black and white, but at the same time bring a sense of vision, giving people the first impression is that your hero seems to be looking at my Buddha.

13. Easily do not try to use layer blending mode to solve what problems, if carefully studied, you will find that the blending mode is in fact more or less damage to the clarity of the picture.

14. White skin is thicker, when necessary, you can add a layer, make a little soft light effect. But remember not to overdo it, to let people not see the line.

15. Some details need to be handled in a special way, expecting everything to be done through the whole map, which is the idea of a slacker and a fool.

16. A picture, strange very, sometimes will adjust to the end of the rope, this time you save it to withdraw, and then reopen it, is the way out. Believe me, the devil does exist sometimes.

17. The fastest skin adjustment I've ever made, takes 20 seconds; the toughest adjustments, the day and night, and ... It is unfortunate that the end still ends in failure.

18. True Color tens of millions of millions, the common yellow color adjustment macro can be made out of dozens of, the macro is not to cure all diseases. The color adjustment scheme is as not repeatable as Weiqi.

19. The knowledge of color adjustment, boundless, whenever I learned a little bit, have found that I know less.

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