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Answer (1) Q: How to set the shadow of the graph in the rounded corners;

A: There is a layer effect in the PS6, no matter what shape you are, as long as you are alone in a layer, you can implement this effect, which has the necessary graphics shadow settings.

(2) Q: Using the Pen tool hook path to use the radiation tool is always gradual radiation, from coarse to thin, how to become a straight line;

A: 1. The path of the pen tool hook, then select the stamp and the gun, and then drag the work path directly to the stroke button in the path surface, and you can see a straight line effect. 2. The power setting of the pen tool is closed (the last item in the Pen tool state line) or reset tool.

(3) Q: With the pen tool hook the next image, how to dig into the new file;

A: After you hook the image with the pen tool, turn the path into a selection, and then create a new file, using copy, paste, or drag the selection to the new key file.

(4) Q: After drawing a line with a straight line tool, how to set the line from light to dense gradient;

A: After drawing a straight line with a line tool, 1. Turn it into a selection, fill the gradient color, and select the foreground color to fade to transparent. 2. Add a mask on the line, use the feather spray gun to spray the tail, can also reach from light to dense gradient.

(5) Q: How to make a isosceles trapezoid to control its size accurately;

A: 1. The perspective function of the transformation can precisely control it, shortcut key ctrl+t. 2.trl+t, and then hold Ctrl+shfit+alt, with the mouse control vertex, will be isosceles trapezoidal control.

(6) Q: How to make a good box to pull into another shape;

A: Make a good square into a selection, and the selection into a working path, and then add nodes, you can become other shapes.

(7) Q: How to make a picture and another picture well fused together [including not see the edge of the image];

A: 1. Select the picture, feather, and then reverse, and then press DELETE, so that you can feather the edge of the image in order to achieve good fusion effect, you can set the feather of the larger point of the pixel, but also can press several times delete, so the fusion effect is better. 2. Add a mask to the picture, and then select the feather spray gun to feather the picture, the same can achieve the effect of fusion. Finally, do not forget to reduce the transparency of the layer, the effect will be better.

(8) Q: Write text in PS, how to select a part of the text;

A: The text layer into a layer, and then hold down CTRL on the level version, with the mouse click to convert to the layer of the text layer can select all the text, and then hold down the ALT key, will appear +_ symbol, and then select the text that is not needed, then leave is the need for text.

(9) Q: How to make text edge fill color or gradient;

Answer: Text edge fill color, stroke function. To the edge of the text to use gradient, first create a transparent layer, and then select the text, and then select the layer in the transparent layer, the stroke function, and then the strokes of the layer into a constituency, fill in the gradient.

(10) Q: Write a paragraph of text, you can select one of the same layer of text fill gradient;

A: Convert the text layer into layers, then in the level version of CTRL, click the mouse to convert the layer of text layer can select all the text, and then hold down the ALT key, you will appear +_ symbol, and then select the text you do not need, then leave is the need for text, in the gradient fill on it.

(11) Q: I am a novice, I think the pen tool is very difficult to control, what good method or skill?

A: The key to the pen tool is in the node, your node to choose a good location, then you will draw the radian would be very beautiful, remember to use more, more practice.

(12) Q: With photoshop output AI format, in Max lost?

A: Photoshop output as an AI format can only output the path, you can enter Max inside the add color.

(13) Q: What is the maximum version of Photshop now? (in Chinese)

A: At present, Photshop Chinese version 6.02.

(14) Q: How to display Chinese fonts in PHOTOSHOP6.0.

A: In the edit point preset/general, the font used in English before the tick off, in the Chinese display before tick.

(15) Q: You prawns, I dare to say that I am not a full rookie, but learned a large six months PS, still can not be flexible access to the application of the channel, I would like to ask you before the understanding of the channel is this, now often use the channel, you think the channel is the most difficult to PS?

A: The channel should be divided into several parts: 1. Channel is the place to save information, the channel is in accordance with 8 bits to store information, and PS layer is 24, so that according to the storage format PSD is very much of the hard disk space, and use the channel to save information, that can take up less hard disk space. At the same time, many standard images such as: TIF, TGA, etc. can contain channel information, so much more convenient for different applications to share information. 2. The channel layer is actually the image layer selection region mapping, completely black area indicates that there is no choice, completely white area indicates complete selection, gray area from the depth of gray to determine the degree of selection. The transparent GIF image that is now popular on the web is actually a channel that tells the application (ie browser) that the parts need to be transparent, and those parts don't need to be transparent. 3. Channels can also be used to calculate the image layer synthesis, resulting in many special effects. In addition, the real image processing experts through the channel to accurately adjust the image. channels, whether in R, G, B, or in C, M, Y, K images are shown in black, white, gray three kinds. So you can separate the channel to each image for accurate color adjustment.

(16) Q: Use Photoshop to design an effect map to print to A4 paper, but I do not know the size of the new file in Photoshop (that is, to define the length of the document is more appropriate), when printing the resolution should be set to how much?

A: A4 format is 210mm*297mm, when printing I want to reduce some of the appropriate, leaving the margin. The resolution in PS is generally 72ppi.

(17) Q: How to make a very natural effect of the sun?

A: The PS filter has a lighting effect, plus a halo effect can be achieved.

(18) Q: Download a Photoshop action, do not know how to use?

A: Download the action stored in the photoshop\required directory, restart Photoshop, open the action in the right small triangle to the directory of the action can be used.

(19) Q: When I do special effects word, always have a white background, how to remove the background color, so that can only see words, and do not see any background.

A: Create a new transparent layer, in the transparent layer in the establishment of text, and the completion of the results, output to GIF format pictures, you can achieve the effect of transparent background.

(20) Q: How would you describe a figure in PS?

A: Use the Photoshop path to tick the profile of the person.

(21) Q: I installed a kpt, in Photoshop but even kpt shadow can not see?

A: Put it in the plug-ins of Photoshop to use the case path.

(22) Q: It is very convenient to set up the adjustment layer, but how can the adjustment layer only be applied to the same layer?

A: The effect of doing several layers, and then merging the layers is OK.

(23) Q: How to dilute the picture in Potoshop?

Answer: 1. Change the opacity of the layer, 100% is opaque. 2. Reduce contrast and increase brightness. 3. Use a layer mask. 4. If you want to fade a part of the picture to use the feather effect.

(24) Q: I have a new channel in the Photosho, why do I press CTRL + click on the built channel is not so good? If any pixel is not greater than 50%, the selection edge will not be visible.

A: Press CTRL + Point channel, the channel must have objects, empty channel is not.

(25) Q: How to divide a picture into several pieces in Photoshop? What tools do you use? What about the steps?

A: 1. In any PS version there is a cutting function, you can use it to complete the image segmentation. 2.ps6.0 has a dedicated cutting tool that you can use to complete the segmentation and output to HTML or JPG or GIF formats.

(26) Q: What is the method under Photoshop to quickly draw a dashed line? (including curves)

A: In the brush's properties, the brush of the circle compressed, and then the brush spacing between the distance, so you can draw a dotted line. You can make a path to the shape you want to use, and then adjust the spacing value of the brush, and the stroke path can produce a curve.

(27) Q: How do i use Adobe gamma

A: Gamma value is a value for printing. If your image is related to printing, then you need to adjust the gamma value. If your image is just for printing or publishing on the Web, use the default value.

(28) Q: PS, it can be like pagemake, so that the text in an irregular box, and according to the changes in the box automatically changed

A: No, but PS has a plug-in filter, you can make text around the path, you change the path, the text will also change.

(29) Q: In Photoshop 6.0, each open a picture is the background lock, how to remove?

A: PS open in each of the pictures, the background layer is locked can not be deleted, but you can double-click it, to turn it into a normal layer. In that case you can edit it.

(30) Q: What is the interpolation method in the parameter setting in PS, what is the main role embodied in? It has adjacent, two times linear, two cubic three kinds of choice! The book said it is to do interpolation operation of the image, I think the interpolation operation is what?

A: interpolation is to supplement some data between discrete data, so that this set of discrete data can meet a continuous function. Interpolation is the most basic and common method in computational mathematics, and it is an important approach in the theory of function approximation. It can be used to estimate the value of the function at a finite point, that is, to obtain a complete mathematical description through finite data.
As early as Sixth century, the Liuchao of China had used the equidistant two interpolation method for astronomical calculations. In the 17th century, Newton and Gray had established a general interpolation formula on equidistant nodes. In the 18th century, Lagrange gave a more general interpolation formula on a non equidistant node. In modern times, the interpolation method is a common tool for observing data processing and function tabulation, and it is the basis for deriving many other numerical methods (such as numerical integration, solving root of nonlinear equation, numerical solution of differential equation, etc.).
Adjacent, two times linear, two cubic three kinds of choice mainly refers to the interpolation calculation method, and the above meaning is similar.

(31) Q: What is the overlay way?

A: This pattern mixes the colors placed or applied to a layer with a background color in a way that is not artistically logical, but it can get interesting results. Pure black or pure white areas in the background image cannot display overlay shading or image areas on the layer in overlay mode. The brightness values between black and white in the background area are mixed with the color of the 0ver1ay material to produce the final synthetic color. To make the background image look like it was taken with design or text, overlay can be used to draw a design or text on the background image.

(32) Q: Ask to use Photoshop to do the picture if you want to put the layers and history records are preserved, should be stored why format?

A: The default format PSD, which is saved as PS, preserves the layers. History is not saved until you save one record at a time, unless you save any records you want in the history page with a new snapshot.

(33) Q: I want to put the picture on my home page, but I will not how to modify, such as: A picture of the star, above the of the son I want to remove it how to do?

Answer: There are many kinds of methods, in PS, cut off the place with cut off; Use the stamp tool to cover the color in the wrong place; fill in the blanks with color and then name or other.

(34) Q: How the layer effect in ps6.0 as template removal but can be used
A: Put the front of the layer of the eye off, the layer is hidden, if you need to put the layer of the eyes lit and can see the layer effect.

(35) Q: I am learning PS, see the book has Dpi,ppi,lpi words, the DPI is the number of dots per inch, which is the resolution of the device, and the PPI is the pixel per inch, which is the resolution of the image; But what does LPI mean? I am not very clear, the book is written on the screen, I do not know what it is related to?

A: In commercial printing, the resolution is expressed as the number of network lines spaced equidistant (Lines per Inch) on each inch. In the traditional commercial printing plate process, Seihan in the original image before adding a screen, this screen by the grid-like transparent and opaque parts of the same network. These cables are grating, which is the role of cutting light anatomy images. Because the light has the physical characteristics of diffraction, light through the network cable, forming a reflection of the original image changes in the size of different points, these points are halftone points. A halftone dot maximum will not exceed a mesh area, the more network cable, the more the image level, image quality is better. Therefore, in the commercial printing industry, LPI is used to express resolution.

(36) Q: Excuse me, photoshop6.0 in the shrinking picture how to save it?

Answer: This involves an image of the index of the problem, change the pattern of the picture to R G B or C M Y K, so that no matter whether you change the size can be saved, unless it is another reason, that is, the image is reduced, this will normally happen on the Apple machine.

(37) Q: I often encounter this situation, press the text on the twist (especially Chinese characters) in Photoshop or firework when the picture is blurred. What to do

A: In the firework, the input words to choose No anti-alias, do not blur the effect. Photoshop is the same reason, choose "None". It's better to use the system default font.

(38) Q: Why can't I use the pen tool in ps.6.0 to finally become the selection area?????

Answer: Its actual hook good path, directly press Ctrl+enter on it.

(39) Q: In the Photoshop Batch (action), I recorded a few commands, one of which was to write a word in the picture with a brush tool, and other commands were to filter, save, and close the picture, but when dealing with a set of pictures with this action, Why is there no command to write (the word that is not recorded on this set of pictures, and all other effects are available)? And a few other commands have been implemented, thank you!

A: PS is recorded with the action of the written text, can not be implemented on other pictures.

(40) Q: When I was doing the light word, I said I wanted to create an image document, fill it with black, and enter the selection area of the text with the Mask type input tool. How can I use the Mask text Input tool to enter text?

A: In the PS6 inside the selection of the text tool in the property bar can be set directly, there is a dashed t button is.

(41) Q: In the implementation of filter/distort/polar coordinates, the image coordinates into a rectangular coordinate system, I am in the preview box how can I see anything ah?

A: After using the coordinate transformation in Photoshop, all the images will be compressed on one side, and the images squeezed together in the preview will not be visible, so you can see the effect when you press the OK button.

(42) Q: When printing pictures with Photoshop, in order to better effect, whether to convert the picture from RGB format to CMYK format? How much should the resolution of the picture be set? The resolution of 72 and the resolution of 300 are applicable under what circumstances? Thank you!

A: When printing pictures with Photoshop, it is best to change the pattern of the picture to R G B, because the ink of the printer is in accordance with the color of R G B. The general picture print resolution as long as 72DPI is enough. 72 Resolution of the picture is generally used online, because the 72 resolution of the picture is to display the picture, it just let the display picture color can be, and 300 resolution of the picture used in the printing effect.

(43) Q: May I ask you PS channel in addition to do special effects words have what function?

A: The biggest use of the Tao is to do the selection and transparent effect, but also to color separations.

(44) Q: Recently, when I was working on Photoshop, I recorded a few actions, I wanted to copy the action, but I could not find a homemade action there? I also looked for the *. ATN, but did not find it. I've created new settings and created new actions that I can't find, and I don't know where I've been saved. How do you find it?

Answer: In the action panel midpoint of the action, and then point to the upper right corner of the small triangle, in the pop-up menu select "Save ACTIONS", choose Save location.

(45) Q: How does Photoshop bulk change the picture to a certain size?

A: With the action on it, very simple.

1, first open a picture you want to change size, while opening the action panel
2, press the record key of the action, and then operate the picture
3, complete the picture operation, press Ctrl+w, enter, save the change results, and stop the action recording
4, in the action panel to just record each step of the operation process to copy, such as you just steps are: IMAGE SIZE, AUTO level, SAVE, Colse, then each step to copy 10, according to Sequential row.
5, at the same time Open 10 pictures, press the action in just the play button, a 10 picture on the OK.

(46) Q: How to embed a layer of Photoshop into another layer???

A: Select layer mode.

(47) Q: photoshop6.0 can do bitmap, but also do vector map?

Answer: Yes. photoshop6.0 is added to the function of drawing vector graphs.

(48) Q: How to make the background of the picture transparent in Photoshop?

Answer: 1. Use the Magic wand to select the background and delete it, then save it as a GIF. 2. Pull down the desired picture and delete the unused part.

(49) Q: In photosop5.0, what is the command to turn the text layer into an image layer?

A: Right-click the type layer-> select Convert layer.

(50) Q: How can I add a font to Photoshop?

A: Phoshop uses the Windows system fonts. Install a new font on the windows/fonts/.

(51) Q: PHOTOSHOP6 How to Output gif?

A: 1. File Save As on it, select the file type GIF. 2. Transparent GIF to be saved as a Web page format, save for web (ctrl+alt+shift+s)

(52) Q: I use photoshop6.0 of the text mask, there is no way to use the gradient, color gradient in the use of ctrl+d on the text is also missing.

A: With PHOTOSHOP6.0 words, you can directly block the text layer plus the gradient effect, and the process of implementing the shadow effect.

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