Photoshop Corrective Image Tone Basics Tutorial

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The color balance is similar to the optional Color command, and can be corrected for the tone of the image. The difference is that the former increases or decreases a color in the shades, and the latter increases or decreases the color content in a particular color.

1. Color balance

The color balance command can change the composition of the image color. It is designed according to the principle of increasing the basic color when correcting the color and reducing the opposite color. For example, if you add yellow to an image, the corresponding blue is reduced, and conversely, the opposite effect will occur. Open an image and perform the image | Adjust the "|" Color Balance command, the color Balance dialog box pops up. Change the color values of each color area to restore the image's bias effect, as shown in the following illustration, where the right image is the adjusted color effect.

Color parameters: After a range of colors is selected, you can adjust the color you want by setting the area.

Tip: When the slider is dragged closer to a color, the color is added to the image color, so the color shown is a blend of colors that are integrated with the original color.

Adjust Area: These 3 radio buttons can adjust the color balance of Image shadow, midtones and high light area respectively.

Brightness options: When this option is enabled, the image tones can be adjusted without destroying the brightness of the original image.

2. Optional color

The optional color command corrects the color of the image, or it can be changed. In general, this command adjusts the color weight of individual colors.

Color: The color option allows you to select the colors you want to adjust, such as green, red, or neutral colors.

Color parameters: By using the 4 sliders, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, you can adjust the color weight for the selected color.

Adjustment method: The optional color command increases or decreases the number of process colors in a range, but this range can be changed by enabling the "relative" or "absolute" options in the Command dialog box.

Relative: The method changes the current amount of cyan, magenta, yellow, or black by a percentage of the total. For example, to add 10% from 50% red pixels, 5% is added to red, and the result is 55% red.

Absolute: The method is to use absolute value to adjust color. For example, if you start with 50% yellow pixels and then add 10%, the yellow ink will be set to a total of 60%.

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