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When prunes see Photoshop CS6, add adaptive Wide angle This new feature, can not help but excited prunes, if there is a friend in the view of the problem, should be found, prunes previously shared Nikon Nikon 24-120mm F4.0 this lens, and this lens anything is good, that is, deformation makes people feel more troubled, although said after filming, go home through the Nikon Capture to make corrections, but prunes really is not very love Nikon Capture, one eat efficacy, and secondly interface control some difficult to use, So now Photoshop CS6 has this new feature, it can be completed in PS, no longer through the Nikon capture and then dropped to PS! And this new function of the operation is super simple, now take a look at it ~

Working version: Photoshop CS6 (Beta)

Ease of operation: Easy

Practical Property: ★★★☆


After opening the image, select the function table/filter/adaptive Wide Angle.


Enter the Operation window, and then move the mouse to the deformed place point, and then extend the deformation edge of the flow of the past, the completion will see a blue line, then the PS will be automatically processed, if not enough, can be from the right side of the control to fine-tune their own.


If many places are deformed, can continue to establish a blue correction line, if you want to delete the blue repair line, you can press del key, all adjusted and then press OK.


This is done! Is it Super EZ?

I believe in many wide-angle, easily deformed lenses, finally there is a better solution, not to open more than one set of software to do the editing, now as long as a set of can be done, do not go around the file, and operation is really super EZ, but really Photoshop CS6 also quite eat resources, if the computer is not fierce enough, May be in the implementation of the computer fan is like a plane in the take-off like shout, and there are PS6 friends, not square also use holiday boring, try it ~

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