Photoshop design of dilapidated swamp architecture scenario illustration tutorial

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We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software to share with you the tutorial on creating an illustration of a dilapidated swamp building scenario.
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Du Zhen-detailed description of the swamp atmosphere


01 first, draft a draft line to determine the major idea direction and ideas. Generally, these ideas may come from your recent experiences, for example, my figure is because I recently played "Wizards 3" and watched the "Warcraft" movie.


02 draw a consistent color based on the cognition and imagination of this kind of environment in your mind. Pay attention to determine the dominant color of the screen as much as possible, the fixed colors of each object are adjusted according to the dominant colors, so that they can be integrated into the environment atmosphere.


03 a person usually processes the line draft and the color draft in this step, but also backs up a line draft layer separately to avoid opening it when the idea is messy. At the same time, in general, I adjusted the color contrast to make the colors look more harmonious and try to avoid some colors being too prominent.


04 start to clean the chaotic strokes. Pay attention to the perspective and focal length of the screen, because perspective is more worthy of scrutiny than light and shade, because it is the key to determining the spatial relationship.


05 as I went deeper, I found that the subject was too large. I selected and copied the subject and reduced it to a space proportion that I thought was appropriate. This not only maintained the overall style, at the same time, the spatial distance is enhanced.


06. I first conceived what objects are in the screen, determined the shape design, tried to add new elements to the screen, and determined the previous vague shapes.


07 adjust the perspective relationship and styling relationship as a whole. During the design process, I mainly focused on adding the details of the shape, that is, for me, the complexity, simplicity, completion, or unfinished of a piece of work relies not on "refinement" but "details".


08. Add a new shape, and clarify the specific design of the content in the screen without changing the relationship, such as the color, environment, and position of the plant, as well as the texture of the surrounding objects, they can be further explored.


09 because I am not very good at using materials, I need to spend more time on the shape structure to understand its performance methods. Of course, this is also what I have always been happy. When the image is similar, I will perform some settings such as "automatic processing" to see if it will bring some good results, and then I will highlight some contrast appropriately, it is not a good habit to draw pictures.


10. At last, adjust the structural edges of the form to be clear without leaving meaningless strokes. For details, I think the details are presented by the color hint of an object, simply put, it is to use several color blocks of the object itself to simulate the color shape of the form, so that people can feel what it is, rather than deliberately buckle or portray it around it, in this way, although it will be more refined, it will also make the shape look rigid. It is also a good choice to adjust the painting method according to your own style or needs.
All right, the above information is all the content that I have shared with the users of this software of photoshop, the detailed illustration tutorial for designing dilapidated swamp buildings, you can see the software users here. I believe that you are very clear about the tutorial, then everyone will follow the tutorial above to draw an illustration of the dilapidated swamp building scene.

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