Photoshop design of luminous fluorescent lamp font making tutorial

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To the users of Photoshop software to detailed analysis of the design of luminous fluorescent light of the production of the text tutorial.

Teaching materials sharing:

First look at the effect:

First step

New artboard width (W): 1000 pixel height (H): 800 pixels

Resolution (R): 72 pixel/inch color mode: RGB Color 8-bit background: white

Second Step

1. Shortcut key (T) Enter text

2. Text fill base color yellow color value: fae475

3. Background fill black Gradient

Third Step

1. New 2 hollow rectangles, respectively named (bounding box) (inside Box)

2. Do not know how to set the hollow rectangle? Let's go one step at a point.

3. The above parameter can be adjusted to the following to get the edge of the 6 point of the hollow rectangle (bounding box)

Similarly make a smaller (inner frame) edge of 3 points.

Fourth Step

1. The basic graphics have been out the following ready to start the effect, is the mixing option settings.

First look at the results are as follows:

2. The layer style is as follows:

Use to stroke, color overlay, outer glow

Bevel and Emboss

3. (outer frame) mixed layer specific parameters are as follows:

Here (frame) Basic setup finished ~ ~ Continue the next step.

4. (inner box) mixed layer specific parameters are as follows:

Does the ~! have been completed with the following picture?

It's half done, keep looking down.

Fifth Step

Under the background to add a barbed wire, so that the fluorescent word on the barbed wire above, add some texture, the effect of the following figure:

Is your layer like this at this time? Well, make sure you have a good habit of sorting. haha ~ At this time the grid does not know how to do ~

I continue to talk about the principle of making the grid ~ ~ Well, it's just a fool's way ~

01. Create a rectangular rectangle, and then the shortcut key (ctrl+j) copy a layer, then your layer will be more than a rectangular copy of the layer, right?

02. Click on the layer rectangle copy (ctrl+t), and then press the shit key and then click the arrow keys to the right movement (how much distance you move, I moved two)

and then press ENTER!!!! Finally, the historical moment! Press Shit+ctrl+alt+t, click on one more layer, and finally form the top, right?

03. Finally, through the above method to get this network (see not understand the stupid way to do their own row) finally right click on the layer of the net

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