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Recently to the old photo renovation more interested, but consulted a lot of mentorship experience, due to the quality of the dull and pointless. I can only meditate on my own practice.

Today, a little premature renovation of their own ideas sent up, hoping to get teachers and friends of the guidance, this first thanked. Take a bow.

My little experience is that the old photos of this post are refurbished in four steps:

1. To the photo decontamination, to mark, go color, fill the defective, use the main tools 2, stamp tools and repair tools;

2. Rub skin on the photo. No abrasive particles too much, and not conducive to uniform color. After the skin is blurred, it's important to make it clear.

2 tools were used: deepening and Dodge tools;

3. Color the photos. Color balance tool mainly used

4. Local modification. For example: Pull out the hair and eyebrows, apply the tool with a small finger, clear the inner contour of the ear, use a deepening tool, clear nostrils and

The contour of the lip, with a deepening tool, a jaw profile, a deepening tool, an important eye expression, or a deepening tool that hooks up the eyes and eyes clearly.

Contour. But in order to refresh, add the eye light, with the Dodge tool, the Whites with a Dodge tool. Face light, with a large pixel low exposure

Luminosity of the deepening of the Dodge tool; As for clothes, draw close to dark green with a color brush, and deepen the shadow with a deeper tool. The emblem is already

Not clear to slowly repair, lazy words can also be downloaded from the Internet to be able to paste up. When all is finished, the high contrast retains a bit of sharpness.


Effect Chart:

1, with repair tools and stamp tool decontamination, to mark, fill incomplete, don't forget to color

2, grinding skin, with a deepening tool to deepen the contours. In this step you can also use your finger tool to pull the hair on your forehead,

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