Photoshop hand-painted sexy blonde woman tutorial

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First, preparatory work

First you need a computer, the configuration does not need to be too high, can smooth running Photoshop OK; second, the computer to install Adobe Photoshop, the exact number of versions do not matter, because as a painting to use 5.0 or 9.0 not much difference, but the configuration allows the author recommended 9.0 ( CS2); The last need is a digital board, the author is using Wacom extraordinary F430, more outdated models, but enough. OK, if you're ready for the above three things then we'll start painting a trip. Hey, ~!, man, I don't have electricity in my house! Can you draw?-_-!)

Second, hand-painted process

First create a new 750x900 pixel, 300dpi blank file, and use the 3-pixel brush tool to draw the approximate outline of a beautiful woman in a new sketch layer. As shown in Figure Step 01. This step is the beginning of painting, but it is very important, the shape of the accuracy of the figure is related to the proportion of the figures below the coordination, the facial features are dislocation and so on.

The new layer is below the sketch layer, where we start the actual painting. As shown in Figure Step 02. Start with the whole, using a large area of thick brush color, the characters of the main part of the abstract as a few color blocks, roughly the light and dark relationship.

On the basis of the character's overall color block, the figure is drawn with a fine brush with a sketch. As shown in Figure step 03. The need to grasp the specific location of the facial features is accurate enough, otherwise it will bring unnecessary trouble, which can be gradually mastered in a lot of practice.

Return to the whole, the hair, body, face gradually drawn plump up. As shown in Figure step 04. Light and dark parts of the transition, need to use the pen, which is very low hardness of the brush.

The next step is to get into the local portrayal, first of all, I start with the face and nose of a beautiful woman. As shown in Figure Step 05. Through the pen to change the light and shade more natural adjustment. As shown in Figure step 06. The nose I think is more difficult to draw the part, because it is not a specific shape and there are few specific lines of light and shade, which need to make the transition more natural.

The eye is the window of the soul, a woman is not beautiful, the eyes must be at least half. So the painting of the eye must be nuanced. As shown in Figure step 07. The drawing of the eye mainly uses 1-3 pixel hard brush, the eyeball's transition may use spurts the pen.

Eyelashes basically uses a 1-pixel hard brush to draw from the inside out according to the rules. The highlights and reflective points of both eyes are generally consistent, or they can produce eye or other ophthalmic problems. As shown in Figure Step 08.

It is not difficult to draw the lips, but it is not easy to show the texture. As shown in Figure step 09. Specifically, to the choice of color, highlights of the processing, light and dark transition and so on.

Highlights are an effective way to keep your lips alive. As shown in Figure step 10. The lips and facial skin connection place should not be too blunt, can use fuzzy tool to the edge of the appropriate fuzzy treatment.

The facial features depict the ending, return to the big scope again. The hair is drawn more thickly. As shown in Figure step 11.

Attention to the presentation of hair, many beginners are very headache hair drawing, in fact, not much difficult. The first is to choose a hair brush, do not use a 1-pixel brush from scratch to the end, followed by the hair growth of the lines to draw, and then the light and dark part of the transition to nature. As shown in Figure step 12.

The body part is further perfect, basically the whole piece is almost. Finally, after repeated inspection and correction, some parts of the contrast, saturation and so on according to their own situation to adjust. Ok~! accomplished ~! as shown in step 13.

Iii. Places to be noted

The whole painting process and the traditional painting does not make any difference, but the use of computer painting has its convenient place, such as ctrl+z (undo/Redo), to make full use of technology to bring our convenience, so that we can keep pace with the times, hahaha.

Finally, we introduce the three important brushes used in the drawing process:

1. Brush brushes (as pictured)

The hard brush is suitable for drawing some sharp and light transitions, and some lines, and more.

2. Spray pen (as pictured)

Here said the pen actually represents all soft brush, soft brush application is very wide, especially in the case of natural transition, can produce very vivid effect.

3. Hair brushes (pictured)

Hair brush is actually a combination of many brushes, can be customized through their own, it plays a very important role in the process of painting hair.

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