Photoshop handles pictures as a fashion magazine cover

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Portrait cover making requires a strong artistic skills. Beauty can only be counted on one hand, others also need strong character beautification skills, such as fine grinding methods, make-up add and other modifications. Each step needs to be considered to attract more readers ' attention with a unique visual effect.

  Photoshop Tutorial artwork

Final effect

1, open the original image, the appropriate cutting and sharpening.

2, the use of "color balance" tool on the screen to do yellow processing, so that looks more like the animation of the feeling (consider the environment in the forest), of course, depending on the specific circumstances.

3, the image of the grinding process, do some necessary modifications can be sharpened once again, thereby improving the clarity of the photo.

4, the use of color-level tools to adjust the intensity of the screen.

5, the use of filters to improve the screen saturation, the use of "heating filter", so that the picture saturation increase.

6, cosmetic skin, stamped layer, with the "stamp" tool to modify the skin, the mode to use "normal", because we do not need to retain too much texture, to make CG skin feeling, should be as smooth and delicate as possible.

  • PS Image Processing

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