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To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the production of a very visual impact of the photo effect of the tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
The so-called Bougainvillea days special effects, refers to have a strong sense of level and space, the overall effect of exaggerated and shocking picture effect, its outstanding features for the picture is full of distorted feeling, the whole to the center gathered.

Step 1: Filter
Before we do this, we need to sift through the pictures, not all the pictures are suitable for this special effect.
1, the screen has a horizontal line.
This is a very important factor, only when the screen has a horizontal line, to form a perfect arc, and then form an exaggerated picture effect.
2, the screen level is distinct.
Only when the screen has a clear level, can highlight the momentum of the picture.
For example, this picture has a clear and rich hierarchy:
3. There is a clear distinction between the screen
For example, the sky is the sky, the ground is the ground, if all is the ground or all the sky, even if the level is clear, the effect is not very good.
Step 2: Using Plug-ins
We still use the last plugin: Flexify 2.
We should note here that the upper part of the screen will be surrounded in the middle, and the lower portion of the picture will appear on the periphery.
When we use, we should pay attention to a few points:
1, input to the cylinder, output to three-dimensional diagram.
2, we must first look for the picture balance point.
What is the balance point of the picture? Is the point that can stabilize the picture.
For example the tower inside of this picture:

The tree inside this picture:

The so-called balance point is to make them in the vertical state, thereby stabilizing the picture.
Use of warp and longitude
The value of the latitude should be adjusted to a large or maximum, so that the picture will be curved.
The longitude can adjust the balance point of the picture.
When the longitude is fixed on the elements of the screen, we can further adjust the balance point of the picture by rotating.
The field can help us select the range of the screen, the smaller the value of the field, we can see the smaller the scope of the picture, the overall picture of the feeling is like getting bigger.
Smoothing of edges
After using the filter for the first time, the edges are more or less smooth, and we use the Clone stamp tool to smear it.
Here are some tips:
1, the use of soft edge brush.
2, the brush's opacity in about 60% more appropriate.
3, the brush's opacity to gradually reduce, from 60 to 40, and finally to 20, to achieve a smooth transition.
The use of Bougainvillea days special effects, can give people a kind of earthshaking visual impact, use properly, your photos can be reborn.
Well, the above information is small compiled to you photoshop this software users of the detailed production of a very visual impact photo effect of the tutorial to share the full content of the You see the users here, Xiao Bian believes that you are now very clear about the production of the tutorial, Now, everyone, go ahead and make the tutorial yourself.

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