Photoshop makes super cool World Cup pure water poster

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The tutorial focuses on the production of the text, the process: first enter the text you want, simple text layout and deformation processing, and then copy the method to the text plus three-dimensional effect, the later text plus texture, strokes and other decorative can be.

  Final effect

1, to play your copy content.

2. Make the text arched. The main text size is different, so the degrees are different.

3, to make three-dimensional effect. The method of three-dimensional word is ALT + direction key copy, here is not fine to speak of.

Gets the layer selection of the word, and then expands 8 pixels to make the black bottom and dark red bottom thickness.

Copy the Black Bottom and fill red to get the red bottom selection.

Shrink 2 pixels to remove excess content.

The selection word's selection shrinks by 2 pixels, making the green edge bottom, which is similar to the above, and is not described in detail.

Adds an inner shadow and gradient overlay style to a green layer.

Find a drawing material, or you can do it yourself with the add noise + motion blur method. Overlay on a green layer and use a selection method to remove it.

Add the elements of the folding band below to fill the vacancy below.

Find some elements of the World Cup to blend into the top.

  • PS Getting Started Tutorial

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