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Usually we are using the layer style to make neon words, this time to introduce a pure manual method. The process can be a bit more complicated. Thought: First make the outline of the text, the complex text can be segmented. Then add the desired background, and the pen to check out the edge of the high light to feather the selection and then copy the background, and then enhance the effect can be.

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1, create a new 1024 * 768 pixel file, background filled with black.

< map 1>

2, open the material picture, unlock and drag in, lock transparent pixel after filling white, the following figure.

< map 2>

3, first to make the first part, a new group, with a pen to check out the outline of the head, into the selection after the group to add a layer mask, the following figure.

< map 3>

4, create a new layer in the group, select the Gradient tool, color settings such as Figure 4, pull out the linear gradient shown in Figure 5, the effect is shown in Figure 6.

< map 4>

< map 5>

< map 6> categories:

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