Photoshop Outdoor Infrared Palette Tutorial

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A friend of mine had previously asked, how to color photos to infrared filters feel, because prunes did not play that Dongdong, so today on the Internet to find some information, probably have some preliminary understanding, infrared light is not visible, so the human eye is not directly to see the wavelength of infrared rays, so to take out the infrared light, You have to install infrared filters, and all infrared filters, is the visible light all filtered out, so the screen will show a black-and-white image, if the half infrared ray, then the visible light + invisible, so in the half infrared light, the green leaves, but will become pink close to pure white effect, the sky still retains the blue sky and white clouds, And then through the prunes Internet to find some related photos, it feels as if the green light will be smoked, so prunes to play a bit, feeling quite interesting, as if it is not like to wait for Mei dry buckle, to lose a home for fun to know.

Artwork and Effect chart:


Duplicate the background layer, and then convert the "background copy" into an intelligent object.


Add a "Color version mixer" adjustment layer, and then "red" color version, red: 87, Green: 156, Blue: 117, when the tune, please pay attention to the sky and blue sky and white clouds.


Add a "black and white" adjustment layer, red, yellow is used to control green leaves to white, blue, green change to-200%, so that the part of the sky unaffected.

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