Photoshop pictures color for children with red bias

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Photoshop pictures color for children with red bias

When we see a biased picture, we first need to know where it went wrong. Can be viewed through the histogram, but also through the channel to view, the following simple to say with the channel to the red photo color.

Final effect

1, open the original material, into the channel panel, we found that the red channel of this picture is obviously damaged. Therefore, the red channel must be repaired first. Click on the layers panel to create a new fill or adjust the Layer button, select the "Channel Mixer", respectively, the red channel and green channel adjustment, the parameters are as follows.

After this step is done, we can see that the red photos are basically corrected. But the picture is a bit purple, saturation is not enough.

2, with the curve, optional color, hue/saturation adjustment layer further palette. The values are shown in Figure 4-6.

After a few steps above the adjustment, the color is generally normal, the baby head individual place a bit too red, you can fine-tune the curve, the do not choose yo red place with a black brush out, as shown in Figure 7.

3, create a new layer, press CTRL + ALT + Shift + E-stamped layer. Sharpen with the Topaz filter. Then press CTRL + J to copy the two layers and get "Layer 1 copy" and "Layer 1 copy 2" respectively.

Change the "Layer 1 copy" blending mode to "soft light" to increase layer layering. Then the "Layer 1 copy 2" layer blending mode to "color", the opacity to: 20%, adjust the picture.

Finally feel the complexion is still not rosy enough, then create a hue/saturation adjustment layer, the appropriate increase in saturation, the value of 12. Make sure that you create an optional color adjustment layer, and then customize the parameters.

Final effect:

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