Photoshop Pinghu Grinding Skin: a perfect skin texture to retain the leather course

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The main learning to use PS with external wear skin filter to the character skin beautification, this technique can be considered to be the development of high and low frequency grinding skin, can be perfect to retain the texture of the characters skin, so the effect of grinding skin is good, it also cleverly fused the plug-in grinding, so the operation is very simple


Effect chart

Now I still use the "high frequency grinding Skin example" that picture to demonstrate the Pinghu method grinding skin.

Please look at the original artwork:

1, open the image, copy the layer

2, the use of plug-in grinding skin

This step is important, directly affect the final effect, Polish some, do not worry about the texture.

Pinghu teacher may use the neatimage, I use here is portraiture, the red box in the slider are pulled to the maximum.

Try other grinding methods, the effect of a few, recommended to use one of the above two plug-ins.

External filter Download Address:

Portraiture 2.2006 Chinese version

Ha_neatimage60_szl of Chinese version


3, this picture color spot is serious, add one step to stain.

No matter what method you use, remove the color spots on the line. For example, I use the Gaussian blur + history brush

This step is not necessary, the stain is not serious, you do not have to go.

Gauss Blur

History Brush

4. Application Image

Please note that the settings:

5. Change the blending mode to linear light

6, now the Opacity slider slowly to the Zola, to the spot just disappear until

7, Gaussian Blur

The miracle appears, has been worn down the detail, the texture restores again!

Carefully adjust the fuzzy radius, with detail, texture satisfaction as the degree, suggest 0.5~3

8, grind the skin to this completion.

Of course, the image will continue to fine-tune, the method of this example will not repeat, to see the final effect:

    • PS Image Processing
    • PS Grinding Course
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