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To the users of Photoshop software to share the detailed design of Taobao through the course of the production of a through-train diagram.
Tutorial Sharing:
I. Role and significance of the through-train map
1. What is a through train map
The through train is for Taobao sellers tailored, Pay-per-click Effect Marketing Tools to achieve the baby's precision promotion. Taobao through-train promotion, with a click, let buyers enter your shop, produce a time or even many times in the shop jump flow, this vitalize association effect can reduce the overall promotion of the cost and improve the whole store's associated marketing effect. In short, the Pay-per-click Marketing Tool.

2. Purpose and strategy of the through train launch
① driving early in the main purpose is generally to improve the quality of the score, so that the ranking and promotion costs are lower, and quality score is the most critical factor in the hit rate, so by placing an attractive click on the map to increase the click rate is the main purpose.
② driving in the middle of the most important purpose is generally accurate drainage, so that the input-output ratio to the lowest, so at this time the through train map is not only people click, but to consider conversion rate, so the picture and detail page description or real products to match the degree is very high.
① Drainage: Focus on the single product information transmission or sales demand, to sales into the ultimate goal;
② Store Drainage: Focus on brand transfer, through centralized drainage and shunt, to achieve maximum flow value. Therefore, the shop promotion map will generally be presented in the form of theme promotions, events or classes.
3. The location of the through train launch
① single Product Promotion: Taobao page search keywords in the search box, click on the Search button to enter the page, the promotion of a total of 16: the page to the right 16 (design specifications 800*800px, file size ≤480px), the following figure:

② Shop Promotion: Taobao page search keywords in the search box, click the Search button to enter the page, the promotion of a total of 6 sites: 6 below the page (design specifications 210*315px, file size ≤480px), the following figure:

Two. The design orientation of the through train diagram
1. According to the location of the surrounding businesses to analyze the picture
Fully study the existing other peripheral products of the through train map features, especially to find their common, and then take the differentiated route. To find the direction of differentiation from the selection of materials, color, composition to start. For example:
Material Selection Differentiation: (Fourth)

Color differentiation: (third)

If the color of a product is the same as or similar to the background color, it is easy to reduce the identification of the product, but also make it difficult for consumers to focus on the goods.
Tips: When designing a through-train picture, you should know how to choose the background color, or use the color of the product as much as possible in the shooting, but do not let the background color too complicated, otherwise it is easy to influence the dominant position in the picture of the commodity.
Composition differentiation: (second, more spectacular overlooking angle)

Copywriting differentiation:
For example: When your price is not an advantage, you can change a way of expression: "A broken goods"
Creative Differentiation:
For example, according to a certain selling point to extend the creative differentiation of the image, such as the difference of performance style

2. Identify the consumer groups targeted by the promotion of commodities (analysis of consumer groups)
For example:
Sex → baby, puppy and whole smaller cute stuff-female
Movement and action-male
Flowers and flowers of the landscape and trees-women
Rugged landscapes and terrain-male
Clothes and shoes-female
Invention and electronics-male
Occupations → students, white-collar workers, ordinary workers, jobless, high-end business people, etc.
Age → Youth (18-30), middle-aged (30-45), middle age (45-60)
Region → South, north
To draw a relatively accurate consumer group.
3. Analyze the buyer's appeal and consider the selling point
Analysis of the different people's consumption psychology, people's needs are different levels, these levels are only met at the bottom level, there will be a higher level of demand, they are: physiological needs, security needs, ownership needs, respect for demand and self-realization, you can put our products or brands into a specific level , with this level as the main focus of demand to shape. For example, the same car, Volvo is the emphasis on the need for security, and Mercedes-Benz emphasizes the need to be respected, Jeep stressed the need for ownership.
The motives of people's purchase are active and passive, material and spiritual. As shown in the following illustration, different purchasing motives are distributed in different quadrants.
Maslow's theory of demand--people's purchasing motivation classification

1. Realistic psychology: is to pursue the use value of goods or services for the main purpose of consumption psychology. For example, the service life and security of the wiper is the first factor, advertising pragmatic "500,000 times commitment", than "hanging out beautiful Future" better.
2. Beauty psychology: is to pursue the artistic value of goods and appreciate the value of the main purpose of consumption psychology. Sony, for example, has won many female consumers with an excellent industrial model. The beauty of red-bottomed printing air conditioning to attract customers seeking beauty.
3. Psychology: Refers to consumers to buy convenient, easy to carry or easy to use. such as BB cream advertising language, "I lazy makeup", said the convenience of BB cream.
4. Show off psychology: Consumption is to satisfy curiosity, not to be outdone. Under the guidance of showing off the motives of the purchase of vanity, often expressed as the purchase of luxury goods, tight goods and fashionable goods, the first and other promotional means for the group of people have a better role, and discounts will reduce the consumer desire for such consumers.
5. Psychology: There are some special interests of consumers, in order to highlight their own differences and have the purchase motivation. Huasheng, split silk, and other brands of brand consumers are in order to distinguish themselves and ordinary people to create a purchase behavior.
6. Herd Psychology: Under the guidance of Herd psychology, the purchase motivation has following nature, which is often manifested as group purchase behavior. The purchase behavior has the characteristics of no purpose, contingency and impulse. This is a good incentive for a group of Groupon sites to take advantage of. At the same time we can also find that the sales base is very high commodity conversion rate will become larger, indicating the herd mentality of the customer began to order. In the product sales have been leading the case, more people choose to be a very lethal selling point, the olive oil once advertising is "in Taobao, each sell 3 bottles of essential oil has 2 bottles is an olive oil." ”
7. Possession of psychology: in possession of psychological domination of the purchase motive with fear of loss, limited sex, star signature version, etc., with collectible value of goods can effectively use this motivation. Mr Ma's paintings have been auctioned off on Taobao to "sky-high prices", with Yao's signature shirts flocking to those with motives. When limited, time-limited sales, consumers will have a higher desire for consumption.
8. The right to worship Psychology: Consumers praise the authority of the psychology, in the consumption pattern, more expressive of the emotional components of decision-making far more than rational ingredients. Consumers to the consumer objects personified, so as to achieve the best-selling products. "So-and-so Expert" "opinion leader" "image spokesperson" has a strong celebrity. Advertising in the mainstream media will also improve the consumer's transformation of goods.
9. Love to take advantage of psychology: This psychological performance in the consumer see ultra-low discounts do not consider whether the need to produce a purchase. Free, second kill, to pay the trial and other marketing tools and sharp discount information, etc. tend to attract a large number of consumers.
10. Fear of regret: everyone in making decisions, there will be a sense of fear, for fear of making the wrong decision, for fear of spending the wrong money. Home and other large durable goods, baby supplies and health products, the core driving force is no longer the price but to verify reliability, consumers will not take advantage of the risk. In the process of flooring sales, the first sell "sample" to customers to exclude concerns will increase the overall transformation.
Comprehensive analysis of the buyer's consumer psychology, from different angles summed up a number of selling points, as follows:
① interest Lure: Low price discount Email and other information, such as 10 percent, (after the point in, you know)
② style attraction: Clothing, ornament application This selling point form majority.
③ material function: It is generally said that the selection of how cattle, function how powerful.
④ Concept induction: shout out some or no ideas to attract people to feel very tall.
⑤ Emotional Attribution: Simply say is through the product of emotional attribution. Simply and rudely accept the use of XX products, you are tall.
⑥ Value-added services: warranty, replacement, 0-stage payment, gifts, door-to-door installation and so on
⑦ Public Praise: The use of reliable proof of data and facts to reveal the characteristics of goods, such as Taobao sales first, 100% heads, has sold 60000 units, 4.99 points ultra-high evaluation, 80 classic brands.
From the buyer's psychology to the different selling point dimension
Realistic psychology → interest lure, material function, value-added service, product strength
Seeking beauty psychology → style attraction, emotion attribution
Psychology → material function, concept inducement, value-added service
Show off psychology → style attraction, concept inducement, emotion attribution, product strength
District psychology → Style attraction, concept inducement, emotion attribution
Herd psychology → public praise
Possession psychology → interest inducement, style attraction, material function, concept inducement, emotion attribution
The psychology of the right to worship, the emotional attribution, public praise
Love taking advantage of psychology → interest lure
Fear of regret psychology → material function, concept guidance, value-added services, public praise
Three. Through-Train diagram various layout design reference
① interest Lure picture features:
The screen color is diverse, leaving white very little, pay attention to typesetting, eye-catching big sale or price information, is to tell people all over the world I am very cheap now (in short, it is like a passionate promoter, and dress very nice, holding the horn shout: the entire clearance sale, come quickly to see AH, you can not afford to lose, You can't buy the bait ....
The main title is recommended with a tension of the font or a thicker font, such as the Comprehensive arts, Microsoft Ya Black Bold, auxiliary information with similar Microsoft YA Black series
Reject Gonggongzhengzheng typesetting, subject promotion information amplification, and auxiliary information thickness and size of the difference, but can not lose aesthetic degree
Can use the strong contrast color block, in order to create the picture tension
Focusing on angle perspective, focusing on the expression of tension

② style attracts the picture characteristic:
Full and comprehensive display style, do not need cumbersome copy, sometimes just a logo, a large number of white background, color single, pay attention to reflect the quality of goods. The overall focus of the picture is proportional harmony, there will be no aggression.
Do not do weird font deformation, but there is a focus on the text information amplification to form a surface, press the overall situation, appropriate to leave white, suggest font selection similar to Microsoft Ya Black series.
Introduction to clear, neat layout-oriented, can be left to the Zishing alignment or center alignment, center alignment can embody the force, but novice cautious; the difference between the subject text and the size of the auxiliary information is larger, and the font spacing of the auxiliary information increases the beauty of the spacing according to the subject.
Color single, color reference to the product itself or adjacent color to take color, only a need to highlight the text information will be used to contrast the larger color, such as discount information or important functional information.
Common commodity angle 45°, overlooking, head-up, refusing to look up

3. Concept-induced picture features:
Exaggerated, loudly shout out a let the audience easy to recognize the selling point, enhance the force lattice. such as "Farmer Spring a bit sweet", "Master Kang Mineral Water" "In fact, other water sweet and minerals are similar, and other such as: aerospace aluminum, bullet-proof lenses and other gimmicks."
Fonts that echo the theme, need to have a clear, prominent subject text, and auxiliary information can be relatively small or not.
The theme is clear, not too much text typesetting
Color based on theme, no specific requirements
According to the theme selection angle, no specific requirements

4. Picture characteristics of Attribution:
Intentionally or unintentionally divide the group, uses the psychological hint to convey to the consumer is as long as you use or has the XX product, you belong to some kind of relatively cool group's member.
There needs to be a clear and conspicuous topic text, and the auxiliary information can be relatively small or not.
According to the theme typesetting, no specific requirements
Color based on theme, no specific requirements
According to the theme selection angle, no specific requirements

5. Image features of value-added services:
Use value-added services to increase consumers ' interest and make consumers feel intimate
Value-added services focused on the theme of amplification, such as: Shun Fung Package, delivery, life warranty, 3 period of interest-free.
According to the theme typesetting, no specific requirements
Color based on theme, no specific requirements
According to the theme selection angle, no specific requirements

6. Public Praise:
There is such a persuasive product description is very good products, natural click Rate on the High ~ ~
Praise the point highlight amplification, such as: SOLD XXXX Taiwan, the entire network sales first and so on
According to the theme typesetting, no specific requirements
Color based on theme, no specific requirements
According to the theme selection angle, no specific requirements

Four. The audit standard of the through-train chart
1. Theme:
Theme selling point as long as one, and requirements concise and accurate, the title as far as possible control within 6 words, tight button consumer demand, speak vernacular, a listen to understand. Direct hit the key, can perceive impress the user. (many function points, another way of expression is a good idea.) )
2. Composition:
Graphics and text with a balanced ratio, neat and uniform, all the text is left or right, font, color, style, line spacing and other unified (of course, special circumstances can also adjust), and focus on information can be changed font size or color to reflect primary and secondary. Logical clarity (Follow the visual process from left to right, from top to bottom, first on both sides.) ) reasonable control of the center of gravity of the picture. At the same time, do not let a lot of text coverage of goods, so it is easy to affect the integrity of the display of goods. Through-train picture design needs neat and unified, neat is also
3. Simulation Effect:
Compared to the adjacent booth plan, the difference is made by photographing differentiation or design typesetting differentiation or selling point copywriting to form a distinct contrast to other products, which are drawn out from the sea in 1 seconds and are then read in the next 1 seconds.
In addition: If you want buyers to pay more attention to your products, then you should know how to use the product collocation method to attract buyers attention.
Tips: In doing product display and shooting, to know how to use some products to match, but he must distinguish between primary and secondary relations, as the protagonist of the product must be accounted for two-thirds of the picture position, so that consumers can distinguish between goods, to avoid misunderstanding embarrassment.
Through-train pictures are usually more than a through-train picture, you can through different selling points, different design forms to do a few through-train pictures, to test through through through the click-through, and finally confirm the use of what kind of through-train pictures for promotion; visual differentiation is important.
Well, the above information is small compiled to you photoshop this software users brought the detailed Taobao through the design of the program, you see the users here Photoshop software, small set believe you are now very clear the production of the tutorial, So now go to the small part of the share of their own to try it.

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