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Color Tips

139. Photoshop is a 32-bit application that sets the screen to 24-bit color in order to properly view the file.

140. The first implementation of the "view" → "new View" command, resulting in a new window, and then perform "view" → "Preview" → "CMYK", you can view both modes of the image.

141. Click the eyedropper or cross on the window to change the size and color mode from the pop-up menu.

142. Hold down SHIFT and click the color bar under the color panel to change the type of chromatogram it displays. Alternatively, you can right-click on the color bar and choose another color mode from the pop-up color bar options menu.

143. Any blank (gray) area on the palette panel click to add a custom color to the palette, hold down CTRL while you click to subtract a color, and hold down shift to replace a color.

144. You can exchange color data between Photoshop and other programs (other programs that support 16 color values) by copying the 16 color values shown in the Photoshop picker.

145. When you open the Color Range dialog box, you can press the CTRL key to toggle the image and select the preview. If you press the SHIFT key to make the straw into a "+" symbol of the optional straw, if you press the ALT key will make the straw into a "-" symbol of the reduction of the straw.

146. Press Shift+backspace to directly exhale the Fill dialog box.

147. On the color Control board directly switch color mode, you can hold down the SHIFT key and then move the cursor to the color bar click on the mouse.

148. To convert a color image to grayscale images, the usual method is to use "image" → "mode" → "grayscale", or "image" → "Go Color". But now there is a way to make color conversion to grayscale is more delicate. The step is to first convert the image into Lab color mode: "image" → "mode" → "Lab color", then go to the channel panel, delete channel A and channel B, you can get a more delicate image of the grayscale.

149. Press the CTRL key, click the preview area with the mouse, enlarge the image, press the ALT key, click the preview area with the mouse, and reduce the image.

150. Create a transparent background picture
Generally speaking, the transparent background of the network of pictures are GIF format, in Photoshop you can first use the instruction "image" → "mode" → "Indexed color" to convert the picture to 256 colors, and then use the instruction Fileexportgif89a⑼ meter output can contain a transparent background GIF file, Of course, don't forget to use Photoshop's selection eyedropper in this command window to make some of the colors in the picture Transparent! When you save the file, do not choose to save or saved as, but directly select the "Output GIF" then, choose the transparent color, if you need transparent parts are white, choose white, and so on when the picture to hide the background picture and then save for the WEB can be transparent.

151. Why is the handwriting not continuous in Chinese on the GIF?
First turn the GIF into RGB, write the word back to index Color.

152. If the image bright color due to the implementation of the USM Sharpening command to produce excessive phenomenon, you can first convert the image into Lab color mode, and then in the brightness channel to perform the USM Sharpening command, so as not only to achieve clear image of the purpose, but also to avoid color impact.

153. To check whether the image entered by the scanner is ideal, you can open the information palette to see that the light and dark values of the image reach 240 and the dark part reaches 10, indicating that the image contains enough detail.

154. To convert a color picture to a black-and-white picture, you can convert the color mode to lab mode, then click the Value Channel in the channel panel, and then perform the image → mode → grayscale command, because the field of lab mode is wider, so the image level is richer after the transformation.

155. When using Photoshop, we often need to look for the right footage from a large number of galleries, and then you can use ACDSee to help you arrange the ACDSee window with the Photshop window on the screen, and then drag the selected picture in the ACDSee navigation window with the mouse (You can press the CTRL key to select multiple files at the same time) to the Photoshop window, wait until the mouse pointer appears under the "+" small icon after releasing the mouse, the picture is opened in the Phoshop.

156. What pictures fit to lose weight
In general, according to our requirements of the picture quality to make corresponding weight loss measures. There are still some diagrams to be modified, if you easily merge it and then click to save, then your future changes will become complex. Because after storage can no longer restore the split layer, we have to think twice before you do OH. Therefore do not blindly pursue capacity and ignore the quality, and bring unpredictable trouble to the future!

157. image file Weight loss
Resize Image: A larger size image occupies more disk space because it has more pixels. However, if you try to resize the image using the width and Height properties in the tag, you will be disappointed because it does not save download time.
Using thumbnails: By setting a very small image version, the user clicks it to see the full picture. However, you should indicate the full size of the picture next to it so that the user can decide whether to view the whole picture.
JPEG storage GIF: JPEG compression works best for images with many colors.
Increase compression ratio: if it is a JPEG file, you can save it again with a higher compression ratio to reduce the file size. But don't forget the price: a higher compression ratio reduces image quality.
Reduce color depth: A GIF image has a maximum color depth of 8 bits (256 colors), less information per pixel, and smaller final file size.
Adjust the contrast level in the image: Most graphics software provides rework options such as gamma correction and highlight (highlight)/Medium (Midtone)/Shadow (shadow) to change the contrast within an image. Reducing these values typically reduces file size.
Suppress jitter: dithering refers to using the colors in an existing palette to approach colors that are not in the palette. Jitter increases the size of the GIF file.

158. How to give a picture of a font weight loss
Many times we like to use Photoshop "Font" features to add a few words to the picture, so that the picture more beautiful. But the finishing touch may make the amount of space occupied in vain soar from dozens of k to the capacity of M count. Strange, why change suddenly so big?
In fact, in the face of this situation after you merge the layer, and then use other tools such as ACDSee transformation format or Save as another format to delete the original picture naturally become smaller! Generally save As. jpg is more appropriate.
If your picture's quality requirements are not very high, you can merge the layers first and then convert it to index color (below 256) or control size based on the. jpg format.

159. File Weight Loss
For example, in Photoshop, put a *. TIF file Save, originally more than 100 K of the file how can become more than 3M? In fact, you just have to change a format, and then delete the original file on it.

160. What format file is scanned in black and white image
If it's a chart, use a GIF, if it's a photo, JPG. Black and white pictures are recommended to convert to grayscale, and then saved as GIF, if the color is below 256, GIF is the best--the file size is small, no loss of quality, if it is true color, it must be JPG.

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