Photoshop to add classical oil painting effect tutorial

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Tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to pull out the retro oil painting art effect, the European retro oil painting effect and the high profile esthetic style is opposite, the photograph color is relatively rich many, emphasizes the character's stereoscopic sense and the contour feeling. For facial characters close-up, facial features and makeup of the adjustment to achieve excellence. Smooth and full facial lines are the standard of adjustment. Another eye modification is also essential, there is a certain demand for eye light. In addition to color, also pay special attention to the character and background color fusion problem.

Effect chart

Original film

Original Slice Analysis:

The original piece makeup and complexion is dark, lack of three-dimensional, lack of luster, make the characters look not exquisite. The eye makeup is not exquisite, make the character eye looks not enough God, bright. First of all to adjust the skin of the person, so that the complexion looks even, bright, has three-dimensional sense. Adjust the Yang Jin again, make the eyes appear bright God.

Key points to be revised:

It's important to fix close-up films, each of which focuses on skin and eyes. Skin to have a shiny feeling, three-dimensional, but also really. When adjusting the skin, pay special attention to the excessive light and shade of the makeup. The focus of the eye is the fullness and fluency of the eyeliner, the transition of eye shadow, and the stereoscopic shape of the eyeball.

Adjustment steps:

1, adjust the photo histogram, so that the photos get accurate exposure.

2, the curve adjusts the high light and the shadow position. Make the characters more stereoscopic

3, into the tonal adjustment channel palette, open the optional Color tool, select the red channel, add green {+12}, add magenta {+1}, add yellow {+35}, add black {+9}. This step is mainly to adjust the color of the person's skin and headdress. Make the whole harmonious, close to the style characteristic of oil painting

4, oil painting style most partial warm. A strong sense of color. We're turning on the optional Color tool. Select Yellow Channel, Cyan {-29}, magenta {+22}, yellow {+10}, black {+5} to make photo color warmer

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