Photoshop to create a three-dimensional text tutorial

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Let's take a look at the final effect chart:

The specific production steps are as follows:

1th Step

First of all, we need to grab a nice concrete texture as our background. It happens to be the scramble for an incredible here.

2nd Step

We need to add a little perspective to the texture. I use the Edit | transform | Warp tool. You can also complete a similar perspective too ... Which side floats the boat. Transform the texture until you get something similar to what I have underneath. Note: You have to zoom in on the canvas to see the edit points.

3rd Step

Next, we'll add a bit more depth by adding some blur. But we want the "smart" way. Go to a filter | Convert to a smart filter. You'll notice that a small icon appears in the layer thumbnail of the layer palette. Now Apply through filters | blur | Gaussian blur gauss blur.

When you apply a smart filter, it doesn't have the original layer that really works. One advantage is that you can edit the layers of a layer of shaded masks to create applications when applying the filter to the effect. Like I do this the center of the texture is in the focus and blur the edge color effect.

4th step

Well, we're going to leave the background, alone a little bit, concentrating on our text layer. Select a background texture color and create a new text layer, select the Text tool, and type something on the canvas.

5th step

Here is the fun. With your choice of text layer, go to 3D | embossed | text layer, open the embossed window. You now have too many 3D editing tools before, but be careful, the subtlety is the key here.

I changed the depth to. 2, making the text three-dimensional extrusion less than the default setting.

I also added a subtle texture to the sides of the text.

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