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The lightning bolt wallpaper consists of two large sections: clouds and lightning; The cloud section is made directly from the cloud filter with PS, and is well controlled and partially rendered high light. The lightning part uses lightning brush directly to add a little glow style.

Final effect

1, a new 1024 * 768, a resolution of 72 pixel canvas, you can also set the size according to their own screen size. Then use the Paint bucket tool to fill the background with dark blue: #1C036F, as shown below.

< map 1>

2. Create a new layer, set the foreground color to purple: #e869f8, and set the background color to dark blue: #220964, as shown below.

< map 2>

3, select Menu: Filter > Render > Cloud, determine the effect of the following figure.

< map 3>

4, and then press the shortcut key CTRL + ALT + F to strengthen the cloud, the effect of the following figure.

< map 4>

5. Press CTRL + J to copy the current cloud layer to hide the original layer, press CTRL + T to resize the cloud copy layer, narrow it down a little, and then determine the effect as shown below.

< map 5>

6. Use the elliptical marquee tool to pull out the selection shown in the following figure, feather 45 pixels, press CTRL + J to copy to the new layer, and hide the bottom cloud layer.

< map 6>

7, to duplicate the cloud layer to add layer mask, with a lower transparency of the soft edge of the black brush edge of the transition to apply nature, the following figure.

< map 7>

8. Press CTRL + J to copy the current cloud layer and press CTRL + [to move the cloud copy layer down one layer.] After removing the layer mask, press CTRL + T to zoom a little, and then execute: Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur, the value is about 10, the effect is as follows figure.

< map 8>

9, the current layer of opacity to: 50%, add layer mask, with a black brush to paint the top area, the effect of the following figure.

< map 9>

10, back to the top of the layer, the following figure.

< map 10>

11, press CTRL + J to copy the current layer, blending mode to "color", opacity to: 30%, and then use a black brush on the mask on the top of the area, the effect of the following figure.

< map 11>


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