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Final effect Diagram

Figure 0

1. First open the original image, and then copy a layer. This is a good habit, let us in the later adjustment will not damage the original image.

Figure 1

2. Below we begin to adjust the picture, first to highlight the overall color of the picture, of course, the characters do not need to adjust, otherwise it will lose three-dimensional sense. Click the ' Create new fill or adjust Layer ' button below the layer to select ' optional color ' in the pop-up menu and adjust ' yellow ' as follows.

Figure 2

After adjusting you will find the whole picture more brightness than before, then choose the ' optional color ' layer of the chart layer mask, using a soft corner of the brush, on the skin of the person to smear, so that this part is not affected by the optional color adjustment options.

Figure 3

3. Below we continue to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image, because the brightness is somewhat over the need to reduce, and the contrast has not reached the natural conditions, so need to increase. Click the ' Create new fill or adjust Layer ' button below the Layers panel to select ' Brightness/contrast ' in the pop-up menu and adjust as follows.

Figure 4

Get this effect.

Figure 5

After the completion of the whole image is found to be low brightness, there is no hierarchy, and the middle need to improve the brightness to highlight the body, so need to use the layer mask. Click on the ' brightness/contrast ' layer mask, select ' Gradient tool ', set color ' foreground to background color gradient ', of course, you need to restore the foreground and background colors to the default color.

Figure 6

Pull a gradient in the mask from the middle edge and you'll see that the brightness in the middle is restored and the shadow is needed on the edge.

Figure 7

4. The following need to set the main color of the picture, because want to make warm tonal effect, I have a preference for the color of your gas, so with Brown to present. The same way click ' Create a new adjustment or adjustment layer ' button, select ' Color balance ' in the pop-up menu, and set below.

Figure 8

We just need to adjust the shaded section to get this effect.

Figure 9

5. This overall color has some, but can not omit the previous step, which of course not for the title, just need to adjust in the appropriate. Click the ' Create new fill or adjust Layer ' button below the layer to select ' Hue/Saturation ' in the pop-up menu and set it as follows.

Figure 10

You're going to get that effect.

Figure 11

6. At this time you look at the picture, although the need for color, and there are layers of problems, we need to highlight some places to add more animations. Continue clicking the ' Create new fill or adjust Layer ' button, select ' Curve ' in the pop-up menu, and adjust as follows.

Figure 12

Get this effect.

Figure 13

At this time the entire picture has a brightness to the shadow of the excessive, but has not reached the main level of brightness, so using the ' gradient tool ', select ' background color to the foreground gradient ' in the mask of the curve from the middle to the edge pull the gradient, highlighting the middle part.

Figure 14

7. To increase the middle brightness or not to achieve the desired effect, I need to be around a bit darker, so I used a ' curve '.

Figure 15

and set the gradient tool's color ' foreground color to background color gradient ' pull the gradient out of the curve mask, leaving a shadow around.

Figure 16

Because four weeks is still not dark enough, I created a ' layer 1 ' and used the ' gradient tool ' to set the gradient ' black to transparent gradient ' to pull a radial gradient on the layer. Here I would like to remind that all of the gradient used in this is a ' radial gradient ', we do not set to a linear gradient, so that the effect can not come out, below you will be able to compare the various layers of your own to make a difference between the steps I made.

Figure 17

Through a series of adjustments, we will get the following effect.

Final effect Diagram

Figure 18

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