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This example combines Photoshop and ImageReady to create a beautiful effect of flashing neon text, mainly using the Gaussian blur filter, first look at the effect bar:

Production steps:

1. Create a new file with a width of 500 pixels and a height of 350 pixels, and fill the background with black.

2, the choice of text tools, playing their favorite text, set a favorite font and the appropriate size, color unlimited.

3, hold down the CTRL key on the layers panel click the text layer to load its selection, create a new layer, perform edit/stroke, color red.

4, delete the type layer, Ctrl J copy layer 1 to get layer 1 copy.

5, select Layer 1 copy, perform filter/blur/Gaussian blur 1 pixel or so.

6, select Layer 1, perform filter/blur/Gaussian blur 5 pixels or so.

7, at this time the neon effect came out.

8, select the rectangular path tool, rounded corner radius set to about 10 pixels, draw a rounded rectangle box.

9, Ctrl Enter the path to the selection, create a new layer, red strokes as follows.

10, Ctrl J copy Layer 2 to get a copy of the Layer 2 copy Gaussian blur 1 pixels.

11, on the Layer 2 Gaussian blur 5 pixels.

12. Select the Move tool, hold down the SHIFT key and select all layers on the layer panel, and align them horizontally and vertically with the center button.

13. Merge all layers except the background layer into layer 1.

14, CTRL J Copy layer 1 copy, CTRL u adjust layer 1 copy hue, the value of 100 or so, so that the text into green.

15, according to the toolbar button under the most arrow-like to import imageready to do dynamic effects.

16, the layer is named Layer 1 and Layer 2, in the animation window to select the first frame, hidden green Layer 2, display red text.

17, Dot red Circle Copy button to copy the 2nd frame, the layer transparency adjustment to 50%, resulting in weak text light effect.

18. Copy another frame, hide the red layer 1, display the green text, and adjust the layer transparency to 50%.

19. Duplicate one frame and adjust its transparency back to 100%.

20. Hold down the SHIFT key to select all frames and set the display time to 0.2 seconds.

21, the implementation of the file/the optimization results stored as, save the results, completed.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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