Photoshop to make street dance competition Theme Poster Tutorial

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To the users of Photoshop software for detailed analysis of the production of street dance competition Theme Poster tutorial.
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Final effect:

Creates a new 800*1200 pixel document with a background color of white. Open the model in the package, pull the picture, put the model into our document, adjust the position and size.

On the top of the model layer, in the form of a clipping mask, create a "black and white" adjustment layer, give the model black and white effect, select the "model" layer and the "Black and white" adjustment layer, CTRL+G, create a layer group, named "Model", copy a layer of layer groups, and change the group layer blending mode to "overlay", so that We're going to get a high contrast model.

Next, we create the text. Using the Ellipse tool, draw a positive circle of 490x490 pixels, set the shape color to #ff0000, shape the stroke to white, stroke 5 points, and then set a 5-pixel red stroke in the layer style so that we get a double stroke shape.

Next, use the Word tool to type.

Below, we start to enrich the screen, from the package we provided, find "bumblebee" material, dragged into the document, Ctrl+t resize and position.

Set a layer style for the bumblebee layer, giving it a red effect. Here we set up a "color overlay" and change the blending mode of the color overlay to "multiply".

The same way, add "Reef" and "Octave" two footage, add the same layer style as the "bumblebee" layer, select the three layers, ctrl+g create a layer group, named "Render".

Copy the render layer group, get a copy of the layer group, and change its layer blending mode to "multiply".

Open the material bag, find the "pigeon 01" material, use pen tool to pull out the wings of pigeons, put on the left side of the model, adjust the position and size.

Below, we give wings color. Just like the three rendering of the pattern method, layer style, here we use a dark red, blending mode is "light", the parameters are as follows:

Copy the "Wing" layer and change the layer blending mode to "overlay".

Open the New York footage in the kit, drag it into the document, adjust the position and size, and then change the layer opacity to 40%.

On the top of the New York layer, create a "black and white" adjustment layer in the form of a clipping mask, giving the city a Black-and-white effect.

Next, we add a dark corner. Create a new layer, draw an ellipse with an oval selection, set feather 50 pixels, reverse, fill black, change layer opacity to "65%".

Next, we add a white exposure to the model, set the foreground color to white, use a rounded edge to draw a stroke, and change the opacity of the layer to "50%".

In the material bag to find "Pigeon 2" material, to pull out the pigeons, I use the "Quick choice" with "adjust the edge" to pull, we arbitrarily pull. Then put the "pigeon" layer to the top of the "text" layer Group, "render" layer group lower level, adjust the size and position.

Copy a layer of "pigeon" to the left of the model.

In the material bag to find "feather" material, pull out feathers, here I use the "color range" to pull.

Place the feather layer at the top of the pigeon layer group, the lower layer of the "render" layers, resize and position.

Now the feathers look a little strange, change the "feather" layer blending mode to "color", and then perform a Gaussian blur, the fuzzy radius is set to 1.5 pixels, the effect is as follows:

Copy a layer of "feather" layer, put it to the upper left corner, transform angle and size, and then copy one layer to the right side of the text.

Here, basically to finish, looks a bit monotonous, let's add a halo effect. Find "Halo" footage in the package, place it in the document, put it on top, resize and position it, and change the layer blending mode to "filter".

Copy a layer of "halo" layer, placed on the left, the disharmony of the place on the mask with a wipe, finished.

Well, the above information is small compiled for you photoshop This software users brought to the detailed production of street dance competition theme Poster tutorial to share the entire content of the you see the users here, small knitting believe that you love you are very clear method of making it, So now you are going to follow the small series of the tutorial yourself to make it.

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