Photoshop tutorial for photo plus round grid

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Today we look at using PS to the photos with a beautiful fillet network, in many places can see the grid photos but rarely found on the web related to the production of the tutorial Oh, the following nonsense less talk about directly into the theme bar.

Effect picture, okay, let's take a look at the process. First create a new file, the original material picture into the scene. Dimensions are the size of each cell (for example, 50*60), using rounded rectangle tools to draw rounded paths, convert paths to selections, fill black, and then ctrl+i the inverse color, and edit the others as shown in Figure 2

Figure 2

Then select the picture we just imported and add the white image below.

Add a mask on the copy layer, activate the mask, Shift+f5 open the Fill panel

All right, our rounded grid is out. Haha tutorial complete.

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