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1, Corel Knockout 2.0

Recommend reason: This filter is suitable for novice or master, improve our work study efficiency, worth a push.

Introduction to Filters: Corel Company's professional to background software, even very fine hair can be separated from the complex background. A professional term is the creation of a "mask", the so-called "back", which is to remove a particular subject from the background for other subsequent designs.

2, KPT 7 (Kais power Tools)

Recommended Reason: Need filter

Introduction to Filters: This is the most exciting filter series created by MetaCreations, and each new version will bring us new surprises. The latest version of KPT 7.0 contains 9 filters, and as in the past, the upgrade of the filter version of this series is not a simple enhancement of the previous version of the filter, but rather a new combination of filters. They are: KPT Channel surfing, KPT Fluid, KPT fraxflame II, KPT gradient Lab, KPT Hyper tilling, KPT Lightning, KPT Pyramid, Paint, KP T Scatter. In addition to the enhancement of previous versions of filters, this version focuses more on simulating the motion of liquids. This release also strengthens support for other image processing software.

3, AUTOFX mystical Lighting v1.0

Reason to recommend: AUTOFX's works, there is a solemn generous elegant and noble consistent style, I highly respected.

Mystical lighting in color also received a large number of attention, many experts to pay the painstaking efforts,

The evaluation of it is also color important masterpiece, in the Chinese website may also be alone, so recommend the

Introduction to Filters: Mystical lighting enables you to apply extremely real light and cast shadow effects to the image. Using this software, you can improve the image in the light of the two aspects of quality and to achieve beautification effect. Mystical lighting contains 16 visual effects, more than 400 presets to meet your needs, as long as you use them properly, you can produce an infinite variety of effects.

Mystical lighting also has a lot of strong advantages, for example, layers, unlimited undo settings, multiple visual presets, mask settings, and strong effects settings, all of which allow you to explore and generate very interesting special effects, and can easily be similar to the studio-like high quality.

4, Neat Images pro2.6

Recommended reasons: To facilitate the processing of digital photos!! Beautify the mm! without losing the details Oh!

Introduction to Filters: Neat image is a digital filtering application designed to reduce visible noise in digital photographic images.

Noise wave is a serious problem that hinders high quality digital image processing. In digital photography, the image produced by the consumer and the seller's camera is easily detectable by the noise-wave component. This ingredient is particularly strong in ISO-standard images. Reduce the visual level of the digital image noise and print out the results. Some image processing operations, such as sharpening (sharpening), even the noisy image quality worse.

Neat image can detect, analyze and remove the noise wave. Because neat image has a special feature of the specific acquisition device, so the filter quality is better than other methods, and filtering more accurate. The program can adapt to almost any series of input tools (digital cameras, scanners, etc.). Access to rich control settings can easily achieve the desired reduction in the level of noise waves.

In addition to filtering noise, Neat image can make the images look clear. This does not degrade any image quality (noisy images are usually unavoidable). It is possible to combine sharpening and noise filters to produce this effect

5, Puzzle Pro 2.0

Recommended reason: One of the 2003 cloud filters

Introduction to Filters: Puzzle Pro is a very familiar Photoshop classic filter that makes it very convenient for you to make puzzles. New version 2.0 compared with the old version, adding a lot of original to be in Photoshop can be adjusted ...

6, AUTOFX dreamsuite Series Bundle v1.31

Reason for recommendation: no reason

Introduction to Filters: Dreamsuite is a good plug-in program produced by Auto FX, which can be implemented independently or used as a plugin for Photoshop and other software.

7, AUTOFX photographic Edges 6.0

Recommended Reason: AUTOFX 2003, the filter can be hanging out in Photoshop 7.01 or Photoshop CS, can also stand alone, 6:5 more powerful.

Filter Description: AUTOFX Photographic Edges 6.0 has 14 art module kits for use, each module has a number of different art groups that can be used without the use of the filter software, and if you can think of your work in a different style, You can visit the official website to introduce ...


8, alien Skin Image doctor v1.0.1

Reason to recommend: Because the "medical God" in the color is extremely concerned about, also out a lot of tutorials

Filter Introduction: Alien Skin Software was founded in 1994, is the first to develop Photoshop plug-in shadow effect of green crystal! Alien Skin products quickly became famous in April, due to the release of Black Box. 1997

Version 3 was released and officially renamed Eye candy!

Then Xenofex,eye Candy 4000,splat! These classic green crystals are released until July 30, 2002 to release the Image doctor. Image Doctor is a powerful smart digital graphic modification of green crystal. In color, Image doctor is translated as "Medical God"! Medical God is the most magical way to treat patients, image Doctor is also the most magical way to modify the picture!

9, Virtual Painter

Recommended reasons: Can make the beginner to make a very fulfilling work (I use the first filter)

Introduction to Filters: Virtual painter can turn any digital photos into an artwork. You can instantly create a master-level digital image with 12 of simple filters.

10, AUTOFX Autoeye v2.05

Introduction to Filters: Professional fixed photo filter

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