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1, to add control over the small text rendered, this will be a very useful tips. Double-click into input/edit mode on one of the current text layers, and hold down the CTRL key while moving the text in the image window to render it anti-aliasing. If you are satisfied with the effect of anti-aliasing, you only need to press Ctrl+enter to apply the changes. Finally, you can position the text as you like, without affecting the way the anti-aliasing works.

2, in the case of small size, or low resolution, anti-aliasing text may be rendered somewhat inconsistent, to reduce this inconsistency, as long as the "character" floating panel menu in the "Fractional width" option.

3, when you click or drag a text box hold down the ALT key, you can display a paragraph Text Size dialog box. This dialog box displays the size of the current text box, and then you only need to enter the width and height of the value you want. Another way to see the width and height of a value is simply to select Window > info or press the F8 key to open the information floating panel when you draw the text box. If you hold down the ALT key while you are pressing the mouse button, you are ready to start dragging, the text box will be dragged to the middle. When you release the mouse button, the dialog box that adjusts the size of the text box appears.

4. To convert the point text into paragraph text or reverse operation, simply right-click on the layer on the floating panel that shows "T", select "Convert to paragraph text", or select it in the menu: Layer > Text > Convert to paragraph text.

5. You want to modify the properties of several layers of text at the same time, such as font, color, size, and so on, as long as you want to modify the layer by holding down the SHIFT key to the associated, and then modify the property.

Note: The application of this feature can be done in the options floating panel and in the character or paragraph floating panel.

6. Although the edit > Fill commands and the paint bucket tools are not available in the type layer, ALT + SPACEBAR (fill with foreground color) and CTRL + SPACEBAR (fill with background color) are still usable!

7, reasonable use of text tools, in the Image window right click on the text layer to display a related menu, which has a lot of useful formatting options.

Note: The option to right-click the menu in ImageReady is more than what appears in Photoshop.

8, some fonts may not support bold or italic, then you can try to use them in the character floating panel menu of imitation Bold or italic.

Hint: You can also choose the imitation Bold and italic by right-clicking the text layer.

9. When you need to change the size and spacing of text or paragraph layers at the same time, press the SHIFT and CTRL keys.

10, when you are in the input/edit mode, the use of the "View" menu what role? The Show extra content command can select the text to hide.

11. To qualify some of the fonts used by Adobe applications, place them in C:Program FilesCommon filesadobefonts.

12, use the following click or drag method to enable some advanced text selection features:

Double--Select Word (select a word)

Viewed three times--Select one line

Viewed four times--Select an entire segment

Viewed five times--selects all characters in the entire text box at a time

13, if you encounter some problems in Photoshop, then you can try to C:Program filescommon filesadobefonts adobefnt.lst file deleted. Deleting this file can cause Photoshop to recreate its font menu, which may solve the problem.

14, Photoshop Text Tool options floating panel of the word family field has an automatic feature, so you do not need to look in the font menu, just want to enter the desired font in the first few characters, Photoshop will automatically complete its name.

15, when you are in the input mode, press Ctrl+t can display characters and paragraph floating panel, or click on the "Options" floating panel "show/Hide character paragraph palette."

16. To create a text excerpt from a standard text tool, simply open the Quick Mask mode (edit in quick mask mode), and then enter the text you want. After the text is submitted, it is automatically converted to an excerpt.

17, in the use of text tools to quickly change the font, it needs to press the ENTER key, highlighting the domain after the use of the upper and lower arrow keys or the mouse wheel to select the font.

18. Double-click the thumbnail in the Layer palette to highlight all text on the current layer. This is equivalent to the "Select All" option in the context menu of the shortcut key, CTRL + A, and in edit mode.

19. If you want to make changes to the properties of all the text in the current text layer, you do not need to select the text: You only need to make the necessary changes in the character/paragraph palette, and the text layer will automatically apply the modification.

20. You can use the ENTER key on the numeric keypad or the Ctrl+enter on the main keyboard to submit changes to the text. Press the ESC key to cancel/undo the changes.

Note: These applications correspond to the use of the submit all current edits button in the options floating panel to apply changes to the text, and to cancel the changes by using the Cancel all current edits button.

21, using the ALT key plus the following series of strings to be able to add smart quotes in the text layer:

Code symbols

  Note: to enter the alt code, just hold down the ALT key, then use the keypad to enter the corresponding number, and then release the ALT key, the symbol will be displayed.

Code symbols name
alt+0153 Tm Trademark
alt+0169 © Copyright
alt+0174 ® Registered trademarks
alt+0176 ° Degree
alt+0149 Point
alt+0183 . Interval point
alt+0133 ... Omit point
alt+0177 ± PLUS sign
alt+0247 ÷ Division
alt+0171 « Left Double arrow number
alt+0187 » Right Double arrow number
alt+0186 0 Superscript 0
alt+0185 1 Superscript 1
alt+0178 2 Superscript 2
alt+0179 3 Superscript 3
alt+0188 1/4 Quarter
alt+0189 1/2 Half
alt+0190 3/4 Four-thirds

  Note: to enter these alt codes, just hold down the ALT key, then use the keypad to enter the corresponding number, and then release the ALT key, the symbol will be displayed

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