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XCodeMediumPhpThe editing function implementation tutorial is the content to be introduced in this article. TextMate is very useful, but it is also very annoying. Even if the display of Chinese characters is performed by changing the font, I have been doing some web-related things recently, so I often need to write somePhpScript. Some editors on Mac are good, but they also have their own shortcomings.

TextMate is very easy to use, but it is also very annoying. Even if the Chinese display is modified by modifying the font, the display is a long string of half characters, which is ugly. In contrast, BBEdit is much better, but there is a small problem. The Project Management window of the directory structure emerges and always needs to be switched back and forth through command +. Coda feels better, with syntax highlighting and syntax prompts available. However, it cannot analyze the classes and functions of the entire project. Therefore, the syntax prompts only the built-in php syntax.

So I had a whimsy and wanted to see it.XCodeEditable?Php.

By default, XCode does not appear in the Open menu of the php file. After an empty project is created, the entire php script directory is dragged to the new project. Syntax highlighting is available, but the keyword is missing. Only built-in keywords such as function and foreach play a highlighted role.

However, after a while, XCode can analyze the classes and methods of the entire php project, and display them through syntax prompts.

The following figure shows the syntax prompt of XCode:

I will use it later to find an interesting feature. XCode can also automatically complete the php syntax:

I am used to XCode and naturally feel more familiar than other editors. Since XCode can also edit php, why not use it?

XCodeThere are many other languages that support syntax highlighting. The following is a list:

Summary:XCodeMediumPHPThe Edit function implementation tutorial is complete. I hope this article will help you!

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