Phpmailer using Gmail to send a mail connection SMTP server error

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Phpmailer version used: 5.2.1

The following are some of the code given in the example folder of Phpmailer: test_gamil_basic.php.

The code is as follows
$mail = new Phpmailer ();

$body = file_get_contents (' contents.html '); $body = $_post[' body '];

$body = Eregi_replace ("[]", ", $body);

$mail->issmtp (); Telling the class to use SMTP

$mail->smtpdebug = 2; Enables SMTP debug information (for testing)

//1 = errors and Messages

//2 = messages only

$mail->smtpauth = true; Enable SMTP authentication

$mail->smtpsecure = "SSL"; Sets the prefix to the Servier

$mail->host = ""; Sets GMAIL as the SMTP server or ssl://

$mail->port = 465; Set the SMTP port for the GMAIL server

$mail->username = ""; GMAIL username

$mail->password = "YourPassword"; GMAIL Password

$mail->setfrom (' ', ' the ' last ');

$mail->addreplyto ("", "the Last");

$mail->subject = "Phpmailer Test Subject via SMTP (Gmail), basic";

$mail->altbody = "To view", please use an HTML compatible email viewer! "; Optional, comment out and test

$mail->msghtml ($body);

$address = "";

$mail->addaddress ($address, "John Doe");

$mail->addattachment ("Images/phpmailer.gif"); Attachment

$mail->addattachment ("Images/phpmailer_mini.gif"); Attachment

if (! $mail->send ()) {

echo "Mailer Error:". $mail->errorinfo;

} else {

echo "Message sent!";


According to the code given in this example, I encountered the following error: prompts you for SMTP error could not connect to SMTP host!

The error prompted Google to find that it is necessary to open the PHP OpenSSL extension:

Extension=php_openssl.dll//Remove the front semicolon and restart the Apache or Nginx server.

Hoho~ successfully sent.

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