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Recently Phpwind has done a topic on the visual aspects of product sharing. At the meeting, Phpwind, the main visual designer Wang, shared his insights and ideas in visual design. Small series is also fortunate to be invited to share, after sharing will be the small version of the impromptu interview Wang students.

Domineering sharing theme: Phpwind visual evolution

Small version: Wang Hello, when did you start to be responsible for the visual design of Phpwind products? What is your design philosophy in each version of the main visual design process?

Wang: From the summer of 09 I phpwind started to be responsible for the visual experience design of Phpwind products, proudly told you from phpwind7.5 to the upcoming phpwind9.0 has always been my responsibility for the visual design of the work. In the 7.5 main visual design process, I pay more attention to the Phpwind design tradition and the idea of a continuation. My first thought was to let people know that this is a forum program when they see the main vision, and know that this is a legacy of Phpwind from the 6 series to the 7 series. In the next 8.7 versions I started adding more of my own design ideas, such as "minimalist" lines, color blocks, and icon designs. As for the 9.0 is a "minimalist" design idea of a thorough "bloom", sorry I prefer to use some of the words have a sense of the picture. Do you understand the meaning of "bloom"?

A stable 7.5 version of the main visual design of simple atmosphere classic heritage

The 8.7 version of the main visual design, which is famous for its high efficiency and rapidity, is simple

The little fresh phpwind9.0 in Wang's description, it's a design-filled version.

Small version: In the last question you mentioned many times "minimalism" what is the main embodiment of "minimalism" in the visual design of phpwind9.0?

Wang: Layout, color, navigation, icons, buttons, modules, leaving white, interacting. "Minimalism" exists in every pixel of the phpwind9.0. With the simplest words to describe the "minimalist" in the embodiment of the 9.0 of words that is: adhere to allow users to more quickly and easily use PW products as the principle, design ideas as far as possible to do simple more in line with the common people's internet habits.

Simple and crisp pw9.0 main hue

Small version: Well, I actually have a very important question: what is "minimalism"

Wang: Minimalism is a design style that is simple and neat in its senses and more elegant in taste and thought. To avoid your next question, "neatness" and "elegance," I can give you an example of what you can see with your eyes now--Does the look of my MacBook Pro look like it gives you a more "high-end" feel than your ThinkPad X201i? Remember this feeling, It's called neatness and elegance.

Wang is using Hepburn's face to let us feel what is called elegance

Small version: A lot of participants in our experience and testing of the netizens and the webmaster feel phpwind9.0 "appearance" seems to change a lot of worry about the actual use of the time does not adapt, how do you think of this problem?

Wang: A product habit is a process, but a good product after the use of the vision and experience in the improvement of the optimization user will gradually experience, and we will be most users of the comments and suggestions to make judgments and feedback, please rest assured. About the problem of the webmaster's concern I think we can take some sites to analyze them, tell the webmaster how to design good, why we want to do so, this will help them to solve what. To allow local stations to keep up with the development of the Internet and trends, to promote better development of local stations. In addition, as a design I can confidently tell you: the most beautiful things in the end will be better than the ugly things. If you don't believe it, you can look at the story of Nokia and Apple.

What version of your design idea and style do you think is best for you?

Wang: Next version.

Small edition: ... (Inner OS: This answer is exploding)

Small version: The last one is also the majority of users focus on the issue phpwind9.0 online time is?

Wang: Actually phpwind9.0 this version number implies something, I can't talk to you too thin. Oh.

Small version: Convex =. What does the meaning of convex hehe mean? You think you're a goddess?!!!

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