Picasa online album-is nostalgia a small stamp or a big digital photo?

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I have always recommended Google's photo management software Picasa on the announcement bar on the left side of my blog. Although this product is introduced by Google Adsense, it can bring revenue to the bloggers or website owners ( How to UseGoogle AdsenseMake more money) But she was promoted for reasons.

The following is an article about Google Picasa from the blog of Google China.ArticleI hope you will learn more about this service after reading it.

"Homesickness is a small stamp. I am here, my mother is there ..."

That's how people thought about it n years ago. What about today? Homesickness is a big digital photo. I am on the computer side, and my mother is on the other side-this is not poetic!

However, a poetic life is indeed very convenient. What I want to talk about today is the Picasa photo management software and Picasa network album. Simply put, they are two closely linked photo management tools that allow photos to be taken from your computer, you can quickly share it with your mother, lover, classmates, and friends over the Internet.

Previous blogs have explained the Picasa software in detail. Here, I would like to say a few more words about the Chinese version of Google's Picasa network album released in the past month. What are some of the highlights of this album?

One-Click Upload can be directly uploaded to your Picasa network album from your Picasa software
You don't have to go back and forth between different camera drive software, image editing software, and network albums of a certain brand. You can do it together in the Picasa family. The latest Picasa 2.0
With the one-click upload function of network album, you only need to click it to start uploading photos. The transmission speed can be quite fast: The last personal test was in the evening at home with the standard ADSL
In the case of broadband, 67 photos of a size of one or two are shared for about 15 minutes.

Send the photo URL in Picasa's online album to friends and family members to share high-definition photos instantly!
We believe that the photos on the Internet should also seem to make people feel as satisfied with their first output on their computers, rather than losing quality due to excessive compression, therefore, Google has already used technology to help you balance the speed, size, and compression of images to ensure that your friends can see highly fidelity photos on the Internet.

Set different viewing levels for different albums and add photos of friends to favorites
Some albums can be made public, while others can only be seen by close friends. You can freely control others' browsing permissions. At the same time, you can add a favorite album to keep a close eye on the Update Status of the album.

I have talked about these popular features, and I would like to recommend them:

Download album-If you click "one-click", the entire photo album of your friends will be down to your Picasa software. Is it nice?

Embed an album into your blog-Generate a section in the album for you.CodeWhen you enter your blog, your blog will immediately generate an album entrance marked with album art. Here is a masterpiece of Beijing Googler Tian Xingzhi. Please smile:

2006 First Snow in Beijing

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In addition, we recommend that you register a Gmail account for registration, because having a Gmail account means you can use all other Google services for free.

Part of this article comes from: http://googlechinablog.com/2007/02/picasa.html

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