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Previously, many people and the APIs that I used to call the ticket clearance interface were frequently updated by the Ministry of Railways, which led to the failure of the ticket clearance data. See the article:

When the Spring Festival is approaching, I made an interface for querying the train ticket remaining. The source of the ticket remaining is 12306. The figure is Baidu map,

Although this is called the train ticket surplus interface, I am very sorry that this interface still does not obtain the ticket surplus data, however, this interface can obtain some common train information (see the descriptions below)

API usage

Copyright Disclaimer: The train ticket data comes from 12306.cn. if there is any infringement, please contact and I will delete it as soon as possible.

QQ chat group: 153856687,198110186

Interface Description:

Supports the post/get method to submit data and return data in JSON format. In addition, keep the utf8 format

  1. Querying the train information of the remaining ticket

Query URL format:

12306.php10086.com/yupiao.php? Act = remain & arrivestation = Shanghai & date = 2012-02-02 & startstation = Hangzhou

Parameter format:

Act, which is the query type. Remain indicates that it is the query type of the remaining ticket.

Date: [yyyy-mm-dd format]
Startstation: [Chinese utf8]
Arrivestation: Arrival [Chinese utf8]

JSON data description:

Title: Information title
Station: Station Information
Item: vehicle count Information List
Traincode: serial number
Traincode: Train count
Arrivestation: Arrival
Starttime: sending time
Endtime: then
Taketime: Duration
Mileage: mileage
Hard_seat_prc: hard seat (price)
Soft_seat_prc: soft seat (price)
Hard_sleeper1_prc: hard sleeper (price)
Hard_sleeper2_prc: hard sleeper (price)
Hard_sleeper3_prc: hard sleeper (price)
Soft_sleeper1_prc: Soft Sleeper (price)
Soft_sleeper2_prc: Soft Sleeper (price)
One_seat_prc: first-class seat (price)
Two_seat_prc: second-class seat (price)
Vag_sleeper1_prc: premium soft sleeper (price)
Vag_sleeper2_prc: premium soft sleeper (price)
Traingrade: Grade

Remaining ticket field: (PS: no value for the data currently)


Hard_seat: hard seat (remaining ticket)
Soft_seat: soft seat (remaining ticket)
Hard_sleeper1: hard sleeper (remaining ticket)
Hard_sleeper2: hard sleeper (remaining ticket)
Hard_sleeper3: hard sleeper (remaining ticket)
Soft_sleeper1: Soft Sleeper (remaining ticket)
Soft_sleeper2: Soft Sleeper (remaining ticket)
Best_seat: special seat (remaining ticket)
One_seat: first-class seat (remaining ticket)
Two_seat: second-class seat (remaining ticket)
Vag_sleeper1: advanced soft sleeper (remaining ticket)
None_seat: no seat (remaining ticket)



Train number query

Vehicle count query:
URL: http://12306.php10086.com/yupiao.php? Act = Code & traincode = d3106

Act, which is the query type. Code indicates the vehicle Query type.

Traincode: number of trains [letters + numbers]
Title: Information title
Head: Head title
Item: vehicle count Information

Plane ticket Query

URL: http://12306.php10086.com/yupiao.php? Act = plane & arrivalairport = Beijing & date = 2012-02-19 & departureairport = Shanghai

Act, which is the query type. Plane indicates the ticket Query type.

Date: [yyyy-mm-dd]
Departureairport: departure [Chinese utf8]
Arrivalairport: arrived at [Chinese utf8]


JSON data:

Title: Information title
Item: Information List
Flightcode: Flight number
Carriercom: Airline
Planetype: Model
Departuretime: departure time
Arrivaltime: arrival time
Costtime: Flight Time
Departureairport: departure airport
Arrivalairport: arrival airport
Correctness: punctuality Rate
Delay: average latency

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