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Daughter most like to play jigsaw puzzles, the reason for each time they buy jigsaw puzzle is that they are not the same picture. The family's jigsaw puzzle is piled into a mountain, but her spirits still remain.

One day, when I was surfing the internet, I stumbled upon a Photoshop filter--av Bros. company's puzzle Pro1.2 filter. Download back a try, really good results! Daughter's favorite jigsaw puzzle is easy to handle in just three minutes. The good thing does not dare to enjoy alone, below I will give everybody detailed introduction.

First, go to to download and install this filter, about how to install the plug-in filter, here is no longer repeat.

Run Photoshop 7.0, open a picture that you want to make into a jigsaw puzzle, click on "Filter" →av Brosav→bros puzzle Pro1.2, and open the Puzzle Pro1.2 Filter Settings window (Figure 1), through the " Rows (rows) and columns (number of columns) settings to set the number of picture segmentation, and then through the "Shaper" item "Size, Width1, Width2, Height1, Height2, smoothness" adjustment, To set the edge shape of each cell picture (or you can click the Presets button to select the Edge style).

Figure 1 Set the size of the puzzle

When the settings are complete, click on the "OK" button to enter the filter's preview window (Figure 2).

Figure 2 to see the puzzle effect satisfied?

In the filter's preview window, resize the picture to show all the pictures. Click the left mouse button in the transparent area above the picture, select all the split cells in the picture, then click the "Save" button in the upper-right corner and select "Save Select Cells (in Layers ...) in the pop-up menu. ), save the picture as an image file with the. psd extension.

Using Photoshop to open the psd file you just saved, for puzzles, use the Image→canvas size command to enlarge the canvas size (note: This only magnifies the size of the canvas, and the picture itself is not enlarged). Select the move Tool in the Toolbox or press the shortcut key "V" and select the Auto Select layer (automatic Layer) property on the Tools Properties panel, and then disrupt the order of the cell pictures (Figure 3) and save the settings. At this point, a puzzle game on the production completed.

Figure 3来 to play the puzzle game!

In fact, this jigsaw puzzle works very simply: AV Bros Puzzle Pro filters can not only divide the picture into several small units, but it also provides "Save Select Cells (in Layers ...). command can also save each small unit as a separate layer, and the "Auto Select Layer (Layer)" property of the move Tool (Mobile tool) enables the Mobile tool to automatically select the layer on which you want to move the object. This allows you to play the jigsaw puzzle by clicking on the mouse.

One trick to play this jigsaw puzzle: in the "Layers" panel you can see that the layers are arranged in rows and columns in the coordinate order, that is, "cell (x.y)" The row and column starting values are 0 (Figure 4).

Figure 4 Note the coordinate order of the layers

Select the Show bounding box option in the Tools Properties panel, and when you can't find the piece of puzzle you need when you're not looking for it, as long as you know the row and column, and then select the appropriate layer in the Layers panel, The processing frame of the puzzle will automatically show up!

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