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Shortcut key is an integral part of any operating system, the skilled operation of the system shortcut keys for our work, entertainment brings twice the effect. October 2009, Microsoft officially released its new generation of operating platform--windows7, with the cool operation of the interface and rich features, a time to attract the attention of all users. However, shortcut keys bring us not only convenience, but also feel the joy of the machine. It's hard to imagine a Warcraft player without a keyboard.

1.ctrl+shift+n– Create a new folder

You need to press Ctrl+shift+n in the folder window, which is the shortcut key to open the stealth window in Chrome.

2.ctrl+shift+ left-open program with Administrator privileges (ctrl+shift+clicktoopenaprogramasadministrator)

Some programs, you need to right-click to select Windows7 Administrator rights to run normally, and this egg pain shortcut keys I did not test success, @ Sfufoet software that is tested under a restricted account Airvideoserver can successfully connect Airvideoserver and play video on Touch.

3.shift+ right mouse button-enhanced version right key sent to

Right-click to send to a very common feature that can normally be sent to: Desktop shortcuts, mail contacts, compressed documents, mobile devices, and so on. By shift+ the right mouse button, it adds all the contents of the Windows7 personal folder, including: My Documents, my photos, my music, my desktop, etc.

4.shift+ right-Open with command line in current folder

Start > Run >cmd is the command line interface, the legendary DOS command. The most common one is ping, right? Using the command line to modify the file name extension is also a good idea, renname.txtname.bat can change a text file to batch processing files. The shift+ right key to open the command line in the current folder is to open all levels of folders without frequent CDs. Space – Flash Desktop

The effect is the same as the mouse resting at the right end of the taskbar, and releasing the win key is the recovery window. Well, you can use it to look at the beauty of the desktop background.

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