Pl/sql DEVELOPER 6 Object Comparison function description (original)

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Pl/sql DEVELOPER 6 Object Comparison function description (original)

The Pl/sql DEVELOPER 6 object comparison function is very powerful and practical, and is a necessary tool for developers, mainly for the following purposes:

Check for different information for all objects under a user between two different databases

Automatically generate SQL scripts to match

Often used to develop database vs. build database or new database and old database

I'll take a full overview of the steps to Pl/sql DEVELOPER 6 object comparison:

1, open the window

Open Tools/compare User Objects ... menu, the comparison window appears as follows:

The Middle primary area displays all objects under the currently logged-on user, including tables, views, packages, functions, procedures, triggers, sequences, and so on, which are objects that can be compared.

2, select the object you want to compare from the list, as shown in the figure above, you can choose multiple CTRL or SHIFT keys.

3. Set Target database objects

Click Target session below. button, the Pop-up Connection dialog box appears as shown in the following image

Enter the user name, password, and service name of the target database, and note that the username must be a user with the object to compare

4. Start the comparison

After entering the target object's connection, click on the Compare button at the bottom right to start the comparison.

In contrast, there is an option, which defaults to the selection

Include storage in generated DDL for new objects

If unchecked, the object's storage information (such as tablespace information, etc.) will not be included in the resulting script.

When finished, the different information between objects is automatically displayed as shown in the following illustration, the list is not displayed if the object DDL statement of the comparison is identical.

5, look at the specific information between the objects

By comparing the list of different objects, you can select the specific definitions of the objects you want to view, as well as multiple selections and, below, a script that shows the objects under the current database user to be applied to the target database object.

Note: There are several scenarios where application scripts are generated



Generated scripts



Target object does not exist

Generate all scripts to create target objects

Table does not exist


Target object is different

Generate Modify Script

Table has different field sizes


Target object has but current object does not exist

Without any hints


function, procedure, package body, trigger, view object definition different

To generate a script to replace an object

function definition is different

6, other operations

The corresponding operation can be performed according to individual requirements after comparison

1. Save script as File

2. Copy script to Windows clipboard

3. Apply the script to the target database (this operation requires more careful, it is recommended that after a comprehensive check the resulting script to do this, especially some delete operations, because this operation is a batch application, no confirmation prompts.) )

4. Display specific different information (function is very powerful, this is Pl/sql developer with the help of Third-party tools, the current version of the tool is ExamDiff1.6 version)

The current ExamDiff1.6 version in the contrast function, but still can, is not very compatible with Chinese characters, if you have ExamDiff3.2 or 3.3 version, as long as the comparison tool by configuring it points to your comparison tool can be, the display of better results. I do not make a detailed introduction about the operation of the contrast tool.

5. Configure the Contrast tool (define your own comparison tool according to your personal requirements)


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