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1, when the open Plsql tool found that there are three text boxes, however, you will find that the following second picture is a text box with the first picture, showing the connection as. The connection database needs several parameters, everybody should know, the connection database needs the IP address, the port number, the user name, the password, the database name, The last one is the database role, which is the "Connect to" option, which does not connect to the database without this option. If Oracle is not installed, there is one less option to connect to, and if you have an Oracle client installed, ignore the experience. Because the Plsql tool will automatically look for Oracle configuration information from the system registry, no display is shown as the first image, and a second image is displayed (it may also be possible for individual machines to manually add Oracle parameter profiles even if the Oracle client is installed).

2, first open the Plsql interface pop-up login box this time you very impulsive entered the correct username password, as well as the IP address port number, But when you click OK, it pops up as shown in the first image, which means that you do not have an Oracle client installed or are not configured correctly in the Plsql tool preferences. Therefore, the direct point cancellation, Plsql will automatically open the software as follows the second figure. You will see the software's upper left tip without logging on

3, according to the map of the first map guide, click tools → preferences pop up the second image below, according to the position in the red box you will find an Oracle home directory in the middle, where ① is the Oracle home directory, the first ② is the Oracle parameter configuration information directory (requires a profile of the road strength), At this point you need to download a configuration file, the configuration file address I will be assigned at the end of the document

4, file road strength address copied in, will immediately prompt you to change will be in the restart after the plsql is valid, click OK as shown in the following figure, then close the Plsql program, reopen Plsql

5. When you reopen the Plsql program, if you see the interface as shown below, careful you will find that the following an option "connected to", that is, we have been looking forward to the interface, so congratulations, your profile successfully, you can connect to the database. If the connection fails, check to see if your parameters are correct.

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