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I work alone, my cell phone has no power, and I don't have a backup battery? No charger? It's a real headache. Now, thanks to this article, we are blessed to say that WiFi wireless signals can help you recharge your mobile phone. Please read the introduction.

Smartphone enthusiasts always think that their cell phone's battery endurance is insufficient. They often bring a backup battery when they go out, and some manufacturers have launched portable power supplies using solar technology, recently, a new Charger named Airnergy Charger was unveiled at CES2010. Its magic is that it can use WiFi wireless signals to charge the battery.

Although the power of the wireless router is not very high and the radiation energy of the Wi-Fi wireless signal is very small, Airnergy has a high enough conversion efficiency to convert the energy carried by the weak wireless signal into electric energy, at CES, the charger charged 30% of the power for a blackberry cell phone using wireless signals within 90 minutes.

The Charger has a built-in battery that you can carry with you. You can charge your mobile phone whenever you have Wi-Fi wireless signal coverage. Airnergy Charger is not affected by the weather compared with the solar charging technology. The product's maker, RCA, said they will launch a USB charger for $40 this summer, and WiFi wireless signal chargers will be available later.

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