PostGIS (decompression version) installation

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1. Software Download

2. Unzip the

Unzip the to the installation directory you want (D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961), it is best not to have Chinese or space,

3. Create a data storage directory (D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\data)

4. Initializing the database

D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\bin\initdb.exe-D D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\data-E UTF8--locale=chinese

5. Start the database in one of two ways

5.1 First way: Registering as a Windows service mode

5.1.1 Registration Service

D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\bin\pg_ctl.exe register-d D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\data-Npgsql

-n indicates that the Windows service name is Pgsql;

5.1.2 Start Service

net start Pgsql

If your installation is not an error, you should be able to get up now.

5.1.3 Close Service

net stop Pgsql

5.1.4 Uninstall Service

D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\bin\pg_ctl.exe unregister-d D:\greensoftware\postgresql961\data–npgsql

5.2 Second way: Direct start mode

5.2.1 Start

D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\bin\pg_ctl.exe Start-w-D D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\data

5.2.2 off

D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\bin\pg_ctl.exe Stop-w-D D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\data

6 Creating a database

D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\bin\createdb.exe-E UTF8 Geodb

D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\bin\dropdb.exe Geodb

7 Creating a user

D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\bin\createuser.exe-s-R Postgres

There will be an option to create a superuser, create a superuser named Postgres;

How to use:

CreateUser [Options] ... [User Name]


-C, connection limit for--connection-limit=n role (default: No Limit)

-D,--createdb this role can create a new database

-D,--no-createdb this role is not available to create a new database

-E,--echo Show commands sent to the server

-E,--encrypted password encrypted storage

-I, the--inherit role can inherit the permissions of the role it belongs to

(This is the default)

-I,--no-inherit role does not inherit permissions

-L,--login role can log on (this is the default)

-L,--no-login role cannot log on

-N,--unencrypted password unencrypted storage

-P,--pwprompt assigning a password to the new role

-R,--createrole This role can create a new role

-R,--no-createrole This role does not have permissions to create other roles

-S,--superuser role will be super user

-S, the--no-superuser role cannot be a super user

--HELP Display this help message, and then exit

--version output version information, and then exit

Join options:

-H, the host name or socket directory of the machine where the--host=hostnam database server resides

-p,--port=port database server port number

-U,--username=username join user (not the user name to be created)

-W,-no-password never prompt to enter a password

-W,--password Force prompt for password

If-D,-R,-R,-S,-S, and ROLENAME are not specified, an interactive prompt will be used


Bug report to <[email Protected]>.

Example 1:>createuser-p-d-u postgres dan

Explanation:-P (uppercase) is to specify a password for the new user;-D says whether the role can create a database;-U (uppercase) The current operation is issued by which user; The last Dan is the name of the new user.


View users in the system: SELECT * from Pg_user;

Delete a User: Drop the user Dan, where Dan is the username

D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\bin\dropuser.exe Postgres

7.1 Modifying user passwords

7.1.1 First way: Apply the Psql command

D:\GreenSoftware\PostgreSQL961\bin\psql.exe Postgres

postgres=# alter user postgres with password ' xxx ';

postgres-# \q

7.1.2 Second way: To modify with Pgadmin

With Pgadmin connection to the server, you can directly modify the password;

8 Unzip the

Unzip the to a directory without Chinese or white space.

9 Modify Makepostgisdb_using_extensions.bat file

10 importing spatial data into PostGIS

11 displaying spatial data in PostGIS

PostGIS (decompression version) installation

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